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16 Must-Have Accessories for Portable Generators When Camping

There are accessories for portable generators one must have during camping. They are very necessary and ignoring them can make your trip a stressful one. Some campers have no idea about this. Others don’t know which to choose. They usually ask: “What accessories do I need for my generator?”

Here, you will learn about the different accessories needed for your generator. You’ll also understand how each of the functions and how best they can. Be rest assured that after reading through, you will be clear with the right type to go for.

What Accessories are required for my Portable Generator?

This is one question users frequently ask. These accessories are necessary because they ensure you have a great camping experience. Now, let’s consider the must-have accessories for generators.

1. Remote Start

Remotes make it easier to power a device. Every camper must have this tool. It enables you to operate your portable generator by tapping a button. Walking up to your device each time you need power could be stressful. Relieve yourself from this stress. With this feature, you can start your equipment 80 meters away. This is possible due to a key fob that guarantees quick access to power.

2. Generator Cover

Getting a portable generator tent cover is also important. Some campers are not aware that this is very essential. This item serves as a form of "canopy" for generators. It comes with other great advantages.

Exposing your generator is not a good idea. This is because it needs protection from rain or harsh sunlight. When it rains, it is dangerous to leave your generator without covering it. The rain may find its way in.

Choosing one with high quality is a must. This ensures your equipment is safe no matter how heavy the rain is. It works fine in any weather and it comes at different sizes, colors, designs, shapes, and prices. You may leave the cover on it even when your generator is off. This prevents dirt from building on it.

3. Automatic Transfer Switch

This is different from the remote start. It is also an essential accessory for campers. This can automatically switch to your generator when there is a power outage. You don’t have to switch on your device manually.

This automatic transfer switch is electrical. You can install it on your generator. It switches on when it senses a grid-off. Also, when power is restored, it notices it. It then returns to its initial source of utility power.

Why you need an automatic transfer switch is for continuity of power. It is very fast and reliable and can always deliver power from various sources.

4. Cold Weather Kit

Don’t confuse this with what a generator cover does. This is because they feel both are weather-resistant. However, each accessory is unique. If you live in areas where the temperature falls constantly, then a cold weather kit is necessary. This is because it has a warmer, which ensures your battery keeps working fine. It starts working when the temperature is low.

The cold weather kit is very effective for keeping every component of your device warm. Sometimes, the temperature may fall below 32 degrees. This is when this accessory comes into play. It helps to maintain the battery’s temperature and durability.

5. Heavy Duty Extension Cords

Having an extension cord is a must. Not all your devices can receive power at the same time. This is because not all can get to the electrical outlets. So, there’s a need for these cords. You can connect this accessory directly to your generator. It then transmits power between the generator and other devices and outdoor appliances.

The outlets on generators also matter. This is because they determine the amp of the cord to choose. Now, you cannot just use any kind of cord. The heavy ones ensure safety. Thus, it prevents any form of electrical shock or fire.

Heavy-duty extensions like the Firman generator extension cord can be flexible. They are usually strong and durable and are great for any weather condition. Their copper wires at the center are thick. This helps it power more devices. The length and gauge also matter. Always choose cords that have two plugs. One can easily plug into the generator outlet. The other fits into your automatic transfer switch outlet.

6. Fuel Stabilizers

This is another useful accessory to go for. If your generator operates on gasoline, then you need a fuel stabilizer. It preserves the fuel in your tank letting it stay up to several months, still strong and fresh.

Also, it maintains good condition even when fuel is not in use for a long time. This prevents evaporation or gumming of the fuel in the tank. Use the stabilizer during refueling. Adding it later may not prevent the fuel from becoming stale.

7. Muffler

No one wants to go camping with loud generators. These types are not environmentally friendly. If you have a noise one, then getting a muffler could be the solution.

Mufflers are also known as "silencers". These accessories reduce the noise from your generator. Most campsites have regulations, and it will be wrong to go contrary to them. That is why getting a muffler for your generator is important. It silences the noise.

Just make sure you pick the best for your portable generator. The moment you attach it to the generator’s exhaust pipe, it functions appropriately.

8. Convenience Cables

Another choice is the convenience cable. These cables usually have more than two adjacent outlets. They can power your appliances. However, note that there is a restriction to the number of devices it can deliver energy to.

They come in different lengths, colors, and thicknesses. Due to this, they have different capacities. Don’t expose them to rain, sunlight, harsh elements, wet floors, or heavy voltage. Always check if your cable is intact because any form of damage can cause a fire hazard. Also don’t overload it; this can cause it to heat up.

9. Wheel Kit

There may be a need to move your device. If it doesn't have wheels, this will be a difficult task. Here is a solution - Get the perfect wheel kit for your generator.

With this, transporting your generator becomes safer, faster, and easier. Also, the type of energy device you have determines the kind of wheel to go for. Always check to confirm before making a choice.

10. Maintenance Kit

There is the need to service your generator before embarking on camping. Clean it regularly. This prevents dirt from building around it. Also, it prevents your device from rusting easily. Doing this ensures your fun time isn’t cut short.

Don’t even think of using that of others; have yours. It saves you the stress of running around when there is an "emergency" for it.

This kit should have air filters, spark plugs, oil filters, oil funnel, cleaning cloth, and oil. Engaging in this practice makes your generator last longer. Also, make sure you change any worn-out accessories without delay. You may contact a professional to help with the servicing or you could do it yourself.

11. Parallel Cables

Sometimes, you may need to power two generators at once. This is where parallel cables come in; they are what you need to connect them.

12. Power Out Alarm

The Power Out Alarm is to notify you. This accessory makes camping less stressful. When the power goes off without notice, it alerts you immediately. Even if you are not using power, if it is out, the device still notifies you.

13. Power Return Alert

Just like the Power Out Alert, this performs a similar function. When using your generator, you may not know when electricity is back. This is why this accessory is important. With this, you will be aware once power is restored.

14. Fuel Can

A fuel can is another accessory you shouldn’t ignore. They are useful in storing, transporting, or dispensing fuels. This is even more important if your generator operates on gasoline. Some even come with a fuel shut-off valve.

15. Automatic Voltage Regulators

This accessory will also come in handy because it helps to regulate voltage. It balances the voltage and keeps your delicate appliances in good condition. Also, there’s no need to worry about your sensitive electronics. The load on your appliances remains controlled with this item.

16. Battery Charger

This is very important too. With this accessory, you can charge your generator battery. If the battery has a low charge, just boost it using the charger. Note that chargers vary for each generator. So choose one that works for you.


It’s great to have these accessories for portable generators when camping. You may think of choosing some over others. However, each accessory is important and you should consider them. Having them all is worth your money because they ensure your trip is stress-free. So, what’s your next move? Choose one now and you’ll surely have a great camping experience!