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2 Types of Champion Parallel Kit For Camping

How do you keep the food cooking, devices charging, and the lights on when you are camping without any annoying disruption? Generators. If you need a lot of power to keep the heat on in the RV overnight, there’s every chance you might want to link two or more generators. A champion parallel kit can help you to combine the power of two. This helps you to keep the heating (or air conditioning) on and stay comfortable through the trip. It also gives you peace of mind that your appliances won’t run out of power.

The product to give you this boost in energy is a parallel kit, allowing you to connect multiple generators to use the power from both. One, easy to control power source. Don’t risk your electronics cutting out and being stranded with no appliances. Read on to explore the different types of Champion parallel kits to keep you protected.

What is a Parallel Kit?

A parallel kit is a simple device allowing you to combine the power of two generators. This means that you can power appliances that are demanding. A Champion 2000 watt inverter generator parallel kit can link two generators and power a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioning unit. Campers know that this can be a godsend in hotter conditions.

Parallel kits also keep power supplies neater. You can run two generators separately, but not to the same device or appliance. Even if you don’t have one item demanding all of that power, like an air conditioner, it helps to keep the power coming from one source. Otherwise, you’ll have to split your appliances. You might have your cooker on one generator, and your lights on another. It’s neater to keep one combined power source.

1. Stackable

Space can be at a premium when you are camping. Stacking your generators is a good way to make the most of your space. Also, if your generators are stored outside, you need to keep them covered and protected. Stackable kits are easier to put under a shelter to prevent rainy conditions from damaging them.

These intelligently-made stackable Champion parallel kits have internal compartments to store cables, prevent tangling, and keep everything protected and under cover from the elements.

2. Non-Stackable

You don’t have to stack your generators. Plenty of parallel kits will enable you to use the generators standing next to each other rather than one on top of the other. They do the same job in terms of turning the two generators into one power outlet. 

Remember that if you don’t go for stackable options, it might be a bit harder to get your generators under the cover. When you go camping, cover and ventilation are both important for your generators.

Is Running Generators in Parallel Better Than a More Powerful Generator?

If you are looking to run two 2,000-Watt generators in parallel, what are the benefits of buying a larger, 4,000-Watt generator to start with?

It’s easy to assume that you might as well just get a bigger generator but this isn’t the case at all. There are many reasons for running parallel kits for camping:

  1. Smaller generators are more likely to be inverter models, which means they are better at handling more delicate electronics. You can connect your phone and laptop and not have to worry about the effects.
  2. If you run two generators in parallel and one stops running for any reason, you still have some power being created and sent to devices. If one large generator cuts out, so will all the items relying on its power output.
  3. You have more flexibility and choice. If you decide you don’t need to run both of the generators at once, you don’t have to. You might find that one is enough for your needs. If you’ve decided it isn’t hot enough to run the air conditioner, for example, you can drop to using just one generator. 

You don’t have to run two generators in parallel. There is an extra cost to buying the parallel kit for camping, but it definitely gives you more flexibility.

Can You Parallel Two Different Brands?

Many people have put two different brands of generators in parallel, but it isn’t always a good idea. Some people have paired the Honda EU2000i with the WEN56200i generator, for example.

If you do intend to do this, you need the wattage, frequency, and voltage to be the same. You also run the risk of voiding any warranties that come with the generator.

Keeping everything in your generator parallel setup within one brand is safer and easier. A Champion generator parallel kit used with two Champion generators should work instantly, with no added risk.

Example Setup: 100468 30-Amp RV Ready ParaLINK Parallel Kit for Linking Two Stackable 2000-Watt Inverter Generators

This is an example of a simple generator setup. The Champion parallel kit or “ParaLINK” can be used with Champion inverter generators.

This setup is ready to put in your RV, so even campers with a lot of equipment can enjoy reliable power. They stack, making it straightforward to store easily and keep them covered when in use.

By buying a Champion parallel kit to use with a pair of generators, you can ensure that you can quickly connect the inverters. It’s easy, and you don’t need tools. There’s also a storage compartment to keep the cables neatly stowed away.

There are multiple outlets to choose based on your appliances. The brand even provides customers with tech support for any questions. The Champion employees are always on hand to help.


You don’t have to have any prior technical knowledge to use a Champion parallel kit. The brand offers the ParaLINK Parallel Kit for anyone to link up two inverter generators and give double the power.

The two types of parallel kits allow you to choose whether or not you want to stack to save space. You should also make sure you get compatible generators so that they work perfectly in tandem, and you never have to worry about losing power while you enjoy your camping trip.