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3 RV Inverter Generator: Models and Prices

Do you love taking the entire family on a camping trip in your RV? Perhaps you appreciate the chance of touring the country with your partner. All campers should be aware preparation is the key. That’s why securing proper equipment is a smart first step.

A reliable RV inverter generator should be a top priority when acquiring camping gear. This guide presents details to discover about this product. After understanding the basics, you’ll find a list of top items in the market. Once you finish reading, you’ll know which unit fits you as a camper!

What Is an RV Generator?

These units provide power for your recreational vehicle. These devices utilize gasoline, diesel, or propane. They have two crucial features as follows:

  • Preserve Energy within the House Battery

The energy storage inside the RV’s house battery is crucial. An inverter generator serves to ensure everything works flawlessly in that department. It’s a long-term investment since it lasts for a long.

  • Serve as an Option for Direct Power

The standard option is that the unit is a direct plugin for 120V AC outlets. It can be convenient to connect your razor, hairdryer, and other devices. That versatility increases convenience while you are camping.

What Makes an RV Inverter Generator Unique?

You can classify these products by size, package style, fuel used, or generation method. The latter involves alternator and inverter approaches. Here are the difference and specifics between these options.

  • Alternators

These products are alternating current directly. The units do that by using an armature that spins inside a stator. You’ll find these devices are often noisy and shaky. They aren’t a wise choice if the electrical load isn’t stable.

  • Inverter

This generator is a far more reliable option than an alternator. It starts by making a direct current and sending it to the DC output. The inverter uses the power to deliver the expected 120VAC of energy. It maintains a low noise level while optimizing fuel consummation.

How to Choose an Inverter Generator for RV?

What are the primary factors when picking a suitable generation product for your recreational vehicle? Learning these can be crucial to determine an adequate match. Check out the main features to consider when selecting!

  • An Adequate Size

Don’t forget the size considerations when choosing an RV generator inverter best for your vehicle. A small product is more portable and easier to carry. However, a bigger unit might deliver more power. Make sure there’s sufficient room in the designated space for the device. 

  • The Expected Power

A standard RV generator should be able to make at least 3,000W of power. Although that’s a minimum requirement, you can go up to 4,500W or more. The less powerful units usually don’t require plenty of fuel.

  • Noise Level

Inverter generators are usually quiet. That’s when you compare them to alternator units. However, if you get close to this device, you might hear it performing. It’s why you want to confirm the noise it makes doesn’t mind you.

  • Fuel Type

The most common option is gasoline. It’s also convenient because a fuel tank is easier to carry around than a propane tank. However, if you have an option, gas, and diesel are also potential options.

What Is the Best Inverter Generator for RV?

You can choose between numerous products in the market. That’s both a blessing and a curse. It’s why an expert selection could be of assistance. Check out the top models of RV power generation units currently available!

1. Champion Model:20099 RV Generator with Quiet Technology

Even if you aren’t an expert, you are probably familiar with this brand. The Champion Model: 200989 is a compact-sized generator that’s surprisingly powerful. You can use it for tailgating, camping, and whenever you need to power appliances around the vehicle. The unit’s usual price is from $850 to $1,000. Here is what makes it special!

  • A Safe Way to Provide Generous Power

The details indicate that this model provides 3,500W of running power. The starting potential goes up to 4,500W. You can even find stronger units from this manufacturer. However, this should cover most user requirements. The product is safe, which it proves with CARB compliance and EPA certification.

  • Simple Controls Available

The Champion’s model comes with Quick Touch controls. It’ll monitor voltage and offer details like operating hours. The Intelligauge with a power meter is an advanced feature. You’ll also find it easy to initiate the unit with the EZ Start Dial.

  • Extended Runtime and Surprisingly Quiet

The container capacity is 2.3 gallons, and the unit uses gasoline. That quantity is enough for up to 14 hours of continuous operation. According to the description, it only produces 61dbA of noise. That’s impressively quiet for this device type. If you want to extend the engine’s longevity, you can use the Economy Mode.

  • Easy to Maintain

The product delivers Clean Power, which means you can safely connect sensitive devices. You can use household outlets, a 30A, and dual USB sockets for connectivity. The oil capacity is 0.5 quarts. If the unit detects a low level, it will activate the shut-off sensor. The draining tube makes the oil maintenance process simple.

  • A 3-Year Warranty

You’ll receive a limited guarantee that covers 36 months from the purchase date. Customers can also utilize free lifetime support. That allows you to contact professionals with potential machine-related questions.

2. FIRMAN W03083

This unit is a portable inverter generator for your recreational vehicle. It weighs 84 pounds, and its size is fairly compact. The unit also has wheels, which contributes to portability. The price of FIRMAN W03083 is from $850 to $1,150. Here are its major features.

  • Decent Running Power

The starting strength is 3,500W, while the device uses 3,000W while it’s active. The noise level is 58dB, which is similar to other more powerful units.

  • Minimal Fuel Consumption

This product has impressive fuel efficiency. It uses 1.8 gallons of gasoline per ten hours of use. Additionally, you can activate the Eco Mode for optimal consummation.

  • Five Outlets Available

The two classic 120V-20A sockets are available. You’ll also find 120V-30A, DC, and USB options. It’s sufficient to cover the majority of your requirements. Furthermore, you’ll receive a 36-month guarantee.

3. Pulsar PG2200BiS

This is a suitable entry-level option for those who don’t need generous power. Pulsar PG2200BiS is a generator whose price doesn’t go over $750. If you pick a discount, it can lower the price under $650. These are the main characteristics.

  • A Resistant Housing and a Convenient Handle

The housing is resistant and easy to carry around. Although there are no wheels, you can use the ergonomic handle. The product is durable and compliant with CARB, EPA, and CSA.

  • Multiple Fuel Options

You can use gasoline and liquid propane gas. It has a capacity of 1.18 gallons. The tank can run for eight hours on a half the tank. That’s quite impressive and ensures low fuel consumption.

  • Moderate Power, Minimal Size

The first thing noticeable is the generator is small. That makes it portable but also restricts the power a bit. The peak is 2,200W when using gasoline while running strength is from 1,600 to 1,800W.

Final Thoughts

Identifying the right generator can make your life easier. As a recreational vehicle user, you need reliable power production. It allows running various appliances and improves the overall convenience when on trips.

Champion Model: 200989 seems like a real value deal. This RV inverter generator has 4.500W as a starting capacity. It doesn’t use much gasoline and has a long runtime. Those are all reasons why campers and other recreational vehicle owners love it. Make sure to give it a shot to see if it’s the right fit!

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