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5 Advantages of Tri-Fuel Portable Generators

5 Advantages of Tri-Fuel Portable Generators

In today’s world, nearly everything runs on electricity, and wires and connectors help transfer that energy from other sources. When it comes to powering your home or RV, having a generator helps give you the power you need. Here are five advantages of tri-fuel portable generators.

The Gas Choices Are Wider

When looking at generators, you need one that offers more than one or two kinds of fuel, and tri-fuel gives you that option. There are three gases tri-fuel generators use:

  • Natural gas
  • Gasoline
  • Propane

These gas types work well when you need more ways to use the generator. So, since it takes gas and propane, what are the uses and benefits of each?

The Benefit of Gas Power

You can find gas at any local gas station. The gasoline helps keep the engine running while you’re on vacation. Gasoline’s a first-choice power source because it doesn’t overwork the engine, requires less maintenance, and is affordable.

Advantage of Propane

Propane is another excellent source for a grill but an even better one with a tri-fuel generator. Propane lasts longer than fuel, but it does have the drawback of costing more than gasoline. On the other hand, propane tanks are easily storeable and portable.

They Work Well as Backup Generators

Backup generators are essential, and the tri-fuel generator does the job best. With three different energy options, the generator uses different gases to help power the camper or home as well as the electronics in and around the residence. When debating on buying a tri-fuel generator, consider what you want in a backup in case of an emergency.

Portability Means Flexibility

You may not think a generator would be portable, but it is! A generator works well on the road or at home. If you have an extra natural gas line, you can connect the generator to the bar and use the propane for more energy without burning too much. Compared to the natural gas line, you save more money.

Numerous Features

Aside from the types of gas you can use in the generator, the multiple features are the best advantage of having a tri-fuel generator.

Some of the notable features include:

  • Automatic shut-off
  • Connecting ports for the home and travel
  • An electrical start

These features are safe to use and are ones to consider having if you’re serious about buying a generator.

Tri-Converter Kits Are Available

Tri-converter kits are available. Tri-fuel generators are rare to find on the market, but kits are available to convert your current model into a tri-level gas engine. The kits have a suction port that takes fuel from the generator and expands its extra energy.

While looking around our store for tri-fuel portable generators, try to determine what you want to use yours for. We offer the best models around, whether to power your home or use it as a backup power source. Contact us with any questions you may have about our generators.