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5 Must-Have Portable Generator Accessories

5 Must-Have Portable Generator Accessories

Having electricity makes all the difference in camping and outdoor adventures. A portable generator is necessary to power your electronic devices or keep your RV comfortable during a power outage. However, simply having a generator isn’t always enough. Investing in the right accessories is essential to maximize its potential and overall functionality. We cover everything you need to outfit your generator for the great outdoors, from extension cords to weatherproof covers. Here are five must-have portable generator accessories every outdoor enthusiast needs.

1. Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

Most portable generators don’t have a built-in cord, so you’ll need to purchase one to connect your generator to your devices. However, not all cables are created equal. You’ll want a weatherproof heavy-duty extension cord that provides a reliable power source for outdoor use. Look for ones with at least a 12-gauge wire and have a length of 25 feet or more.

2. Wheel Kit

While outdoor enthusiasts can move their portable generators around, they can be heavy and a nuisance to maneuver by hand. Consider purchasing a wheel kit to make transporting your generator easier. These kits include wheels that you can attach to the bottom of your generator, allowing you to roll it around like a suitcase. Having a wheel kit is beneficial for individuals who take their generators to remote campsites or outdoor events.

3. Fuel Stabilizer

One thing to remember is your portable generator requires fuel to operate. Adding a fuel stabilizer to your gasoline can help prevent it from oxidizing and deteriorating over time if you don’t use your generator frequently. Adding a stabilizer prevents engine problems and decreased performance, and they’re an inexpensive must-have for anyone who stores their generator for more than a few weeks at a time.

4. Weatherproof Cover

Protecting your portable generator from the elements is crucial when taking it outdoors. A weatherproof cover is an excellent investment to ensure your generator stays dry and protected. These covers come in various sizes and waterproof materials that shield your generator from rain, snow, and debris.

5. RV Adapter Kit

An RV adapter kit is a must-have accessory if you use your generator with your RV or camper. These kits allow you to plug your generator into your RV’s electrical system and power your appliances directly. They often come with surge protectors and other safety features to prevent electrical damage or injury.

Investing in these essential portable generator accessories allows you to power your devices and enjoy your outdoor adventures without worrying about power outages or relying on unreliable sources. Equip yourself with a noco booster pack from Our Generators—a portable jump starter that is a nifty backup for restarting your car or powering your electronic devices. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about what other accessories you need for your generator! Our customer support team is happy to talk with you about the different accessories to pair with your generator.