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5 Tips for Breaking in Your New Portable Generator

5 Tips for Breaking in Your New Portable Generator

Purchasing a new portable generator requires you to correctly and efficiently break it in. This is essential to ensure it works during your camping or traveling. We explore five tips for breaking in your new portable generator in this blog so that you can start using it.

1. Read the Manual Thoroughly

Ensuring you read your manufacturer’s manual and fully understand it is essential. The manual is the sole provider of vital information you need to know to properly and safely break in the generator. Read the maintenance guidelines so that you know how to inspect it properly and rely on it for quick answers to future problems.

2. Run the Generator at Varying Loads

When first attempting the break-in process, you should let the generator run for a few minutes without a load. As the minutes progress, gradually increase the load and watch for different stress levels. This process helps the engine parts set into place and distributes the oil evenly.

3. Change the Oil and Filter

The engine components generate debris and metal shavings during the break-in period. The metal shavings and debris can contaminate the oil, so ensure you change the oil and filter after the first 5 to 10 hours of operation. After the first filter and oil change, you’ll change it again every 50 to 100 hours or as the manufacturer has otherwise specified.

4. Use High-Quality Fuel

The fuel you use in the generator should be high quality. A low-quality fuel causes engine damage and significantly reduces the generator’s life span. The gasoline you choose must be unleaded and have a minimum octane rating of 87. Your preferred fuel may be hard to find, so research gas stations or other places that sell the fuel you need to avoid problems.

5. Don’t Refuel Before Cooling Down

You shouldn’t use your generator before refueling. A hot generator can expand its engine and not run smoothly. But you also don’t want to refill immediately after turning off the generator because it causes the fuel tank to over-pressurize and overflow. So let your generator cool down before refueling.

Breaking in a new portable generator is necessary to ensure a long, dependable lifespan. Following these tips can help your generator operate better. If you want to know more tips, contact us! We’re always ready to talk about generators and want to ensure you find the right one that fits your needs. You can get a portable gas-powered generator at Our Generators to use for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re trekking up a hiking trail or traveling to an off-grid location, we can help ensure your experience is positive with our products. Browse our online shop today!