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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Generator

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Size Generator

There's nothing like a backup energy supply to power the most important things in your home. Power is essential, so whether you're a camper or a homeowner, you need a generator to keep the power on. Stop spending time in the dark during blackouts! Read these five tips for choosing the right size generator for your home or campsite.

Determine Your Power Needs

Before shopping for an electric inverter generator, know how much power you need. Determining how much you need depends on your intended use. Get a generator that can provide enough power for essential appliances during an outage or power your camping equipment.

List the devices that need the most power, and tally up their wattage requirements. Prioritizing appliances’ power needs gives you an idea of the minimum wattage your generator should produce.

Opt for Portability

Portable generators are great because they're compact; they go where you go. Lightweight generators make camping trips and emergencies stress-free. Look for models that come with wheels and handlebars for easy maneuverability.

Look for Efficiency and Run Time

A longer run time in emergency and recreational situations is crucial, so pick a generator with a fuel-efficient engine. The generator should be able to run for long periods, minimizing refueling times. Some generators have low-oil shutoffs, preventing engine damage and reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Consider Noise Levels

You may need a generator that controls noise levels. Many campers look forward to camping quietly, not to the roar of a generator. Big generators often produce louder sounds, but small generators can make just as much noise. Search for electric inverter generator models that are designed to be quiet.

Know Your Budget and Warranty Options

A price tag alone can’t claim one unit is better than another. You should also look for a warranty. Enticing features in one model might not be ideal for your lifestyle. Before picking the highest-priced generator, set a budget to narrow your options, and look for a warranty to protect your purchase.

It’s essential to know how to search for the right generator size, so base your choice on your power needs, portability, efficiency, noise levels, and budget. We know that it’s hard finding the right size, but our team at Our Generators wants to simplify it. We want to help you find the right generator for your lifestyle, so contact us for assistance.