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7 Power Cord Extension For Portable Generator: Prices And Its Length

Power cord extensions are great for portable generators. They come in varying degrees of thickness. Also, they are available in different lengths, colors, and prices. However, people usually face the challenge of choosing the right cord extension. This is because they chose the wrong cord, which has been overheating. But how do we solve the challenge of selecting the right type?

Here, you’ll learn about the best power cord extension to go for. Also, you will know those features to consider before making your decision. These will help in solving the problem of choosing cords for your portable generator.

What Power Cord Extension Can I Buy?

Some people may be confused when choosing a cord extension. Some are scared of making the wrong choice. This is because these extensions come with different features. Here are some of the best types available.

1. Champion 25- Foot Generator Extension Cord

You may try this for your generator. It is 25-foot long and it is very thick. The center wire is also strong and can deliver energy to many appliances.

It is weather-resistant, flexible, and easy to use. The cord weighs about 10.55 pounds and can expand power to about 25 feet. Its gauge is about 10.0 and its current input is 30-amp. It costs about $83.91 and shipping is very easy. Also, this extension features a cover that protects your outlets against dust.

It is made from high-quality material and can withstand extreme temperatures.

2. Watt's Wire Heavy Duty Extension Cord

This 50-feet extension cord is one of the heaviest you can ever buy. It is very flexible and well-grounded. It is produced from molded plastics that are strong and heavy. It allows you to power your high-voltage appliances at home, campsite, or office. The input current is 15 Amps and can carry about 125 volts.

This is a weatherproof power cord that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is relatively affordable, with its price ranging from $105.97 to $122.50. This extension does not mar walls, flatten or kink. Also, this cord features poly stranding, which gives more strength. With this, you can plug in 3 heavy appliances at the same time.

3. Yodotek 25 Feet Heavy Duty Cord

This is another reliable type for your portable generator because it is very thick. It is firm and fits perfectly into your device. This 25-feet heavy-duty cord costs about $44.88. Its input current is 30 Amps and it is about 125 volts.

This is a flexible and weather-resistant extension cord. It is made from both PVC and copper. It has a yellow cable with a black power set. Also, it is UL listed and can power heavy appliances. It has a powerful twist locking style and can serve both indoor and outdoor purposes.

4. Amazon Basics Vinyl Extension Cord

This power cord weighs about 3.2 pounds and comes in orange color. It is made from both plastic and copper material. This is why it lasts longer. This extension comes with 3 conductors that have the right insulation. Also, it features three-pronged plugs.

It is resistant to abrasion, sunlight, oil, moisture, and any hazardous elements. Also, it features a strong vinyl sheath and is great for outdoor purposes. This vinyl cord is flexible and can withstand extreme temperatures. This extension comes with both a plug and a socket and can power bigger appliances.

You can get this cord at $18.99 which is relatively affordable. It is a 16-gauge type with high visibility and it is lightweight but strong.

5. Conntek 20572 Locking Style Generator Cord

This portable generator power 10-gauge cord can expand your power up to 50 feet. It costs about $95.95, which is relatively affordable.

It weighs about 13.65 pounds and does not tangle. Also, the cord does not flatten or mar the wall. This is available in yellow color and is a 30-amp type. The extension can also accommodate 125 voltage and does not kink.

Aside from this, it is weatherproof and windproof. It is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, rain, and snow. Also, it has a flexible cable and is available in varying lengths. This locking-style extension features two prongs with three wires. You can use it for the generator as well as transfer switches. 

6. MPI Tools L 14-30 Power Cord

The MPI Tools 10 gauge cord is very reliable and will deliver energy to your appliances. It can expand your power up to 20 feet. This extension is available in orange color and you can get it for $49.95. It is very durable and versatile.

One interesting thing is that it is weatherproof and can withstand harsh atmospheres. It supplies steady power without any loose connections. Its weight is about 5.4 ounces and is available in different lengths. It can be used at the campsite, home, and office.

Also, it can serve as an emergency cord and it does not tangle. Aside from this, it has a black connector with a rubber cover. Its plug is very effective and it doesn’t slip away from the holster.

7. IHAYNER 50-Amp Generator Power Extension

This power cord extension weighs around 9.08 pounds. It can increase power up to 10 feet and has a unique configuration. Also, its maximum wattage is about 12,500 watts.

It has a straphanger that enables you to hang it for storage purposes. This UL-listed cord is both windproof and weatherproof. You need not worry about hurricanes, abrasion, UV light, hazardous elements, or oil. You can use it for all kinds of outdoor activities including tailgating and camping.

This is a heavy-duty type with a strong thermoplastic jacket, which lasts long. Also, it features a connector and a plug. Aside from this, it comes with a handle and a receptacle. It is a locking type made from purely-stranded copper. This extension costs about $8.00 and they are available in different colors.

Buying Guide

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Your Power Extension

As earlier stated, it could be challenging selecting your power cord. To simplify this, check out the following features.

  • Durability

This is one important feature you must not neglect. If you do not choose from a reliable brand, you end up buying new cords every week. A durable one can withstand extreme temperature and will last you for years.

  • Flexibility

What is the point of buying a cord that is not flexible and strong? The thickness at the center matters. One can rate its flexibility based on its American Wire Gauge (AWG). Numbers are usually attached to the AWG. The smaller the number, the thicker the wire is. For instance, AWG 12 is thicker than AWG 16. Also, the thicker it is, the more power it can supply and the more load it can carry.

  • Length

The cord length matters too just like its thickness. For longer ones, there will be more resistance. This may cause the power generated to be lesser. In this case, you may need a thicker wire. This will enable the transmission of full current to your appliances.

  • Weather Resistance

This is another important feature you must not ignore. Without this feature, you may have to change cords too often. Go for cords that can resist abrasion, UV light, storms, and harsh weather. This ensures you can use them in any place and at any time or season. 

  • Consider your Appliances

Many people ignore this. You must consider the appliances you want to power. The voltage of these appliances can affect the cord. It’s advisable to choose heavy-duty ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Cord do I Need For My Generator?

The kind of extension to go for must match the strongest outlet of your generator. People often ignore this. If one has a 20-amp outlet, then go for a 20-amp type. A lower one will affect the power generation of your device. Choose the prong correctly.

What Causes Overheating on Cords?

  • Overloading the Cord

Some people want to power all their devices all at once. They do this without considering the electrical outlets. If you overload a cord more than its capacity, it causes overheating. This is why you should consider your appliances when choosing one.

  • Bad wiring

Another thing that can cause overheating is bad wiring. Cords without a thick copper wire will overheat. The loose wiring can easily become damaged.

Can The Extension Cord Affect my Appliances?

Your power cord can damage your appliances. It is for the generator and once the voltage is too high, it can affect them negatively.


It is very important to choose the right power cord extension for use. So making the wrong decision may damage your appliances. Also, avoid overloading it. Whatever type you go for must match the strongest outlet of your generator. Adhere to all these and everything will work fine for you. Now, go out there and make the best selection for your needs!