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A Complete Guide to Portable Solar Power

A Complete Guide to Portable Solar Power

If you’re looking for a portable generator that runs using the cleanest energy alternative possible, then a solar power model just might pique your interest. Quickly rising in popularity, these models use the energy from the sun to power many of your primary devices and appliances. Not only is this better for the environment, but it effectively eliminates your need to refill your generator with fuel. Still, there are several key things to know about these systems before you commit to the purchase, and we’re confident that this guide will help you learn all you need. This is our complete guide to portable solar power generators.

The Fundamentals of Solar Power Generation

As you’re looking into the perfect solar power generator, some of the first things you need to know is why these products are beneficial and what makes them tick. After all, not everyone is well-versed in the art of solar power, and it’s through learning the basics that you can gain additional insight into what you’re buying. These are some fundamental questions you may have and their answers.

What are Portable Solar Power Generators?

As their name would suggest, solar power generators are traditional generator machines that utilize energy gathered from UV-rays rather than fuel to create electricity. Because of this, there’s no burning of fuel involved in the operation of these devices and there’s no carbon monoxide generated as a result. Portable variants of solar power generators have a series of small solar panels that absorb UV-rays as the sun beats down on them. It’s this compactness that ensures you can transport and install them wherever you need. These models can produce several hundred watts of electricity to power a plethora of appliances and devices.

How Do Portable Solar Power Generators Operate?

The solar panels used for these generators consist of several silicon solar cells. Each cell contains several layers of material, alternatively charged positively and negatively. So, when coming into contact with the sun’s UV-rays, these panels create photons and an electrical field along with it. From here, the charge fuels the battery through conductive metal strips, storing it or releasing it through designated cables for your own personal use.

Why Opt for a Portable Solar Power System?

There are several reasons why an individual would prefer a solar generator over a duel- or tri-fuel generator model. For one, it’s much better for the ecosystem. The carbon monoxide generated from fuel-powered generators is a large air polluter, problematic for several parts of the local environment. Solar power doesn’t produce any waste, allowing you to camp cleanly and leave no trace behind—even at the molecular level.

Portable solar power generators are also reliable. With the ability to store the energy they accumulate throughout the day, you can use your generator at any time, even after dark, without needing to refuel. As such, they require less overall maintenance and are easier to pack up when you leave.

The Applications of Portable Solar Power

It’s also important to understand that solar power generators have a large variety of different applications. Depending on the specific model you pick, you can power several appliances and devices as needed. Here are some of the most common applications for these machines.

Charging Small, Battery-Powered Devices

Whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, these generators can power them with ease. Additionally, since the power created by these models is more stabilized than that of tri-fuel generators, you can charge sensitive batteries without the concern for damage.

Powering Appliances and RVs

Portable solar power generators are also great for powering low-voltage RV appliances such as coffee makers, televisions, and toasters. While they typically have lower power outputs than fuel-powered generators, these models can still power the bulk of your necessities on a camping trip. Since they’re also easy to transport, they’re a great option for roughing it in your RV.

Providing Supplemental Power for Homes

In a pinch, these generator models can even help provide supplemental power to your home. Maintaining emergency access to communications and food is crucial during power outages, and these products can help keep your essentials up and running for short periods of time. However, it’s important to note that they won’t be able to power your entire home. Tri-fuel generators are a better alternative for those wanting larger quantities of power in a crisis.

Caring for Your Portable Solar Power Generator

Once you purchase a solar power generator of your own, you’ll need to understand how to best care for it. As mentioned, these models are different from the standard generator, meaning that caring for them looks slightly different. Here’s our complete guide of what you need to know about portable solar power care.

Remove Dirt and Dust From Panels

The most important component of your solar power generator to maintain will be its solar panels. Since these parts are what allow the system to collect and store energy, it’s crucial that you keep them clean and free of any dust or dirt. It’s common for these surfaces to accumulate debris over time, especially when you’re outdoors. As such, you’ll want to wipe away these particles with a damp cloth at least every few days of continuous operation.

Handle Gently and Deliberately

It’s also vital that you handle your solar power generator carefully. These are very sensitive pieces of equipment and they’re highly susceptible to damage should you rattle or drop them. Because of this, make sure that you install them with a steady hand and don’t move them around unnecessarily.

Be Wary of High Water Pressure

You’ll want to avoid exposing your generator to high amounts of water pressure. Though these panels can withstand some contact with water, high pressures will damage the solar cells. So, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings when using a high-pressure hose to prevent contact with your solar power generator. You also shouldn’t attempt to power wash your product.

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A Complete Guide to Portable Solar Power