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Champion Generator Cover: Its Features And Prices

Imagine spending a lot of money on a quality generator and then letting it get damaged because you don’t have a suitable cover. A Champion generator cover is a way to prevent the weather and other hazards from damaging your crucial generator in storage. A bit of foresight can ensure it stays fully functioning for years to come. When your main power source goes, you want peace of mind that your generator is always ready to go. 

Covers are inexpensive but will prove to be a shrewd investment. Read on to find out how a simple cover can help your generator run at its full potential for years.

Why Cover a Generator?

Your generator is probably stored outside or in a shed or garage. This means it doesn’t have as much protection as it would indoors. It also might go through long spells of time without being used, so it is a good idea to keep it covered. 

Even if you do keep your generator indoors, it isn’t safe from damage. Dust and cobwebs can cause damage and make your generator degrade more quickly. Also, one of the main benefits these products have is that they are portable. You want to be able to use it on site, and wherever you need power. 

Rain, snow, excessive cold and heat can all cause damage to a generator. On top of that, direct sunlight can cause the generator to overheat, which might increase the chance of electrocution or damage. Even if you are just moving a generator to put it in your truck or take it somewhere to refuel, you should put a cover on it to prevent these issues.

What Features to Look for From a Generator Cover? Choosing the Right Features

There is no point in buying a substandard cover as it won’t give any protection. The following features should be prioritized when choosing a cover for a Champion generator.

Weather Resistance

The outside of the cover needs to be totally weatherproof. This means that whether you transport it in the rain, snow, or on a clear day, nothing can get in and damage the generator. Though generators can usually cope with a little rain or slightly adverse conditions, it’s far better to protect the components. Rain can make components rust, or even get into the mechanism of the generator.

Weather resistance is also about UV damage. A strong cover made out of quality materials will block out the sun’s rays.


There’s not much point in buying a generator cover if it is just going to rip. It needs to be tough and durable. There is a balance to be struck. It can’t be made out of material that is going to damage the generator with scuffs or scratches. Some Champion generator covers have a cotton lining that prevents any damage to the generator itself.


Due to the fact that generator covers are made to be sturdy, and to last a long time, getting one with a warranty should be no problem. You can get the first year of use covered under warranty, so you can claim if the product breaks and it isn’t your fault.

Size and Fit

You can use the Champion Generator Cover for medium or large generators. It gives a custom-like fit for the 4800 to 11,500-watt generators in the Champion range. It can also be used with other generators up to 30.7 x 23.6 x 23.6 inches. 

It has a clever elastic base that gives a snug and secure fit. This means the best possible protection. A loose cover could allow space for cobwebs or for dust or even pests to access the generator. This cover tightly wraps around the base for thorough protection.

Keep in mind the fact that this cover isn’t designed to go over the wheels, which sit outside of the covered area. The wheels are durable enough and don’t need the same protection.

How Much is a Generator Cover?

A generator cover costs under $30. When you consider how much you have invested in the generator itself, it makes sense to cover it. It is like buying a screen protector for your phone. Think how much of a wise investment it might end up being if it gives you extra years of use before having to replace or repair a generator.

What Else Can I Use to Cover My Generator?

When not in use, a cover is an essential way to protect the generator. If you need something to give protection from the elements while you are using your generator, it needs space to ventilate. This means that an enclosure or a specific shelter is ideal. You can find specific shelters that cover the generator from above, but these aren’t suitable for long-term storage, and they don’t protect from dust, debris, or pests.

If you are using the generator in a garage or indoor space, keeping doors and windows open can be a way to keep the generator covered but also ventilated properly.

Can I Use the Generator While it is Covered?

Generators need to be ventilated while they are in use. This means that you shouldn’t run your generator while the cover is still on. A cover is intended to protect the generator while it is stored. Running the generator while covered can cause damage as it doesn’t have space for the fumes to air and escape. It can also build up excess heat.

If you need a cover for while the generator is running a specific generator shelter can be ideal. These sit above the generator and prevent rain from getting to it. They often also have a sloped roof that can guide water and snow away, making sure it doesn’t build up.


Don’t risk unnecessary damage to your generator by not thinking about the protective cover. You’ve invested in a backup power method, and the last thing you will want is for that to go wrong when you need it most. Repairs and replacements can also cost large sums of money.

A Champion generator cover can fit a variety of models, and even generators made by different brands. For a fraction of the cost of the generator itself, you can give yourself the best chance of keeping the power running for many years to come, regardless of the weather, or other storage conditions.