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Connecting Parallel Generators for Increased Power

Connecting Parallel Generators for Increased Power

A generator comes in handy for campers, homeowners, food truck managers, or anyone else needing power. However, one generator won’t always do the trick; sometimes, you need parallel generators. The term might throw you off, so our guide explains what it means to connect parallel generators for increased power.

Defining Generator Paralleling

Generator paralleling means connecting two of the same type, brand, or size generator. Paralleling pulls power from two generators to create twice the wattage. These connections maintain power in large buildings or other spaces in need of energy. This method is also great for construction teams needing extra energy to power equipment during the day.

Reasons To Parallel a Generator

Do you like saving money? Paralleling your generators can help you save money. Additionally, they’re easy to transport around the building or space in need of power. The other great thing is that two generators won’t create as much noise as a singular backup power unit.

Is Paralleling Safe To Do With Your Generator?

Paralleling generators is safe as long as the manufacturers have designed them for that use and you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Many generator manufacturers have outlined what machines are compatible with each other so you don’t accidentally use inadequate brands, models, or sizes.

Things To Look For in a Parallel Generator

Are you satisfied with your generator’s current power supply? We’ll share a simple way to find the right parallel generator for increased power at your home or business.

Acquire a gas-powered backup generator that can parallel. Additionally, find one that is easy to transport and can operate at the necessary wattage for powering equipment or a structure.

Explore the great selection of compatible generators for paralleling at Our Generators. We’re here to help you find a generator fit to your standards, and we won’t stop searching until you have what you need.