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13 Uses of Generator Power Cord

A good generator power cord can power your home appliances without any issue. However, people do not fully utilize them because they do not understand their uses. Some people even use it wrongly and this could negatively affect their appliances.

The question now is what are the uses of a power cord? Using one serves you multiple functions. Here, you will learn more about it and understand how it can be used effectively. Also, you’ll learn what to consider before choosing one. Please continue reading to learn more and equip yourself with the right information.

What is a Generator Cord Used For?

Generators power electric appliances during an outage. You cannot plug all your appliances directly into your generator outlets. This is why you need a cord. This allows you to plug in other appliances all at the same time. Please let us consider their general uses.

1. Serves As "Connector" or "Transmitter"

This is the main purpose of the cord. It is important for connecting your electronic appliances. It serves as an "intermediary" between your generator and what you’re powering. The main reason why it can serve this purpose is that it has copper wire at the center. These wires are mostly thick. This thickness helps it to deliver power effectively.

2. Not Limited to the House

The power cord is useful at locations outside your home. It can be used to deliver energy to your appliances anywhere there is no supply of electricity. This includes sites, warehouses, malls, etc.

3. It Prevents Overloading

Generator cords prevent any form of overloading on your generator. It helps in insulating the circuits you intend to power. Therefore, only these devices receive electricity. Thereby, every other circuit is prevented from having access to power. This way, you won’t overload your equipment.

4. It Prevents Electrical Fire

With your cord, you can be sure of safety when transmitting power to your appliances. It only powers those things you need at that time. It prevents the supply of utility power to your apartment while your generator is on. This way, you can prevent an electrical fire.

5. Powers Appliances

The generator cord can deliver electricity to your home appliances without stress. If it is a heavy-duty type, it can power your laptops, refrigerators, and other large devices. This is because enough current can pass through it.

6. Provides Sufficient Power Supply

With your generator cord, you can have the right electrical power transmission. This is very important when powering any of your devices. This can help you with the flow of sufficient current. All it requires is connecting the right appliances to it.

7. Resistant To Temperature

The power cord has the potential of resisting any temperature. This implies that it can be used in any kind of weather. This is possible because of its flexibility and abrasiveness.

8. Can Be Used To Resist Oil

Oil damage cannot be reversed. However, you don’t have to worry about the effect of oil when using your generator cord. This is because they have inherent oil resistance. They are made with products that can stand up to these oils.

9. Can Power Tools and Machines

Apart from powering home appliances, it can be used to power machines at the job site. This is great because it can deliver electricity to heavy-duty tools. It can handle the amount of energy the generator is supplying.

10. Used Alongside Portable Generators

If you have a portable generator, you can use your cord with it. This is because it comes with outlets for this purpose. For higher power wattage generators, get higher amp types.

11. Immediate Solution to Power Your Electrical Needs

The generator power cord helps to solve your electrical needs. This is because when there is an outage, you will need electricity for many appliances. They are the best solution to this. They do this instantly without stress.

12. Can be Used for Camping Generators

When you go camping, you are sure of powering your devices using the generator cord. At the camp, you will generate power for specific purposes. So you have nothing to worry about if you have these cords available.

13. Used for Outdoor Items

There are generator cords you can use outdoors. They will power every outdoor item you intend to use them for. For instance, you can use them in powering some appliances for your garage. They are also great for your camping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Generator Cord Do I Need For a Generator?

To determine the kind of power cord you need, your generator’s outlets matter. Each outlet on the generator has a specific amount of amp it can work with.

Pick one that goes with the most effective outlets. If you have a 30-amp outlet, then you should choose a 30-amp generator cord. The higher the amp, the more power it can handle. Larger amps also give room for more appliances.

Can I Use Regular Power Cord With My Generator?

This is one of the concerns of users. People think they can use any type they find. You must use the right type with your generator. Doing otherwise could damage it or cause an electrical fire.

Also, remember that the cord is the "connector" between your generator and appliances. You could damage your appliances too, leading to extra costs. Using the right type should prevent fires if you manage them properly.

What Should I Consider When Choosing My Generator Cord?

There are some factors to consider when picking a power cord. These factors will determine if it works effectively or not.

  • Length

While choosing generator cords, consider the length. It is crucial for certain reasons. Do not use a power cord that is longer than necessary. It has its resistance, and this can affect the volts running through it. Thereby, it reduces the flow that passes through.

Choose long cords to keep your generator at a distance. This is to ensure the generator is at least 20 feet from your apartment.

  • Its Purpose

Before choosing a good power cord, understand what it is meant for. Using it for its purpose helps you prevent any form of accident. Also, when selecting, check it thoroughly and make sure it is not frayed. Choose one in perfect condition to ensure it works effectively.

  • Gauge

There is no way you will purchase a power cord without considering its gauge. The cord’s thickness matters. This allows the right current to pass through it. Also, it does not overheat and melt easily. When you have a heavier gauge, higher volts can run through with ease. The appliances you are powering determine the gauge you buy.

Cords have American Wire Gauge numbers on them. The most popular sizes available are 14, 12, 16, 8, and 10. The smaller the value is, the bigger the gauge is, the larger the wattage and amperage. For example, 8 has the thickest copper wire at the center. If you intend to run more appliances you have to go for a smaller gauge. That it is thick outside does not mean it is the most durable or the strongest.

  • Plug

You need to consider the plug when buying your cord. Be careful with it because not all of them fit into the same generators.

Are Power Cords Worth The Money?

Yes, purchasing a generator cord will save you a lot of stress. It is worth every penny. If you have one, it makes it easier to power your home appliances when there is an outage. However, you need to choose it carefully.

Can I Use Two Cords With My Generator?

This is one concern of most people. Yes, you can use two power cords with a generator. This happens if your generator’s outputs are more. With both, you’ll be able to balance your running voltage. The total load will be balanced with the two for each of the running circuits.

How Do I Know My Power Cord Is Overloaded?

Sometimes, you may overload your cord. This is what causes damage to them. The best types can overheat if the load on them is too much. When your appliances start making some noise, then it may be overloaded. Normally, you shouldn’t hear this noise.

Also, it may become so hot or very warm. You can easily detect this. Always check out for these signs to know if it is overloaded.


The generator power cord has lots of great uses. This is why they are in high demand. However, the type you choose matters. Before anything, consider your safety; getting the wrong one can cause negative experiences. For this purpose, note those important features you should consider before choosing one. With all these, you should make the best decision. To enjoy these benefits, get yours today!