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Top‌ ‌8‌ ‌Places‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌Fuel‌ ‌Generator‌ ‌for‌ ‌You‌ ‌

The importance of a fuel generator for your everyday use cannot be overemphasized.  At one point, the need to have a standby generator becomes necessary. This is because there may be power failure in your area and you need to illuminate your home. Also, you may decide to go camping. Next thing, you need to power your devices and there’s no light.

Now, you’ve seen the need to get one. But how do you get the best generators? Also, where are the top places to buy one? Having answers to these questions is key to getting a high-quality generator. Please continue reading as we throw more light on the topic.

Where’s the Best Place to Get a Generator?

Choosing a quality generator may be tasking for most people. The reason is that many buyers are skeptical about the reliability of many stores. People keep asking - where's the best place to get a generator? You can either choose from the market or online. Here is a compilation of the safest and fastest place to pick one.

Online Stores



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There are shops where you can also get quality and affordable generators. You can order at these shops. They are also available for pickups. Let’s consider them.

1. Walmart

For quality generators, Walmart is a good shop to trust. This is a retail corporation that sells generators of different brands. You can save a lot of money choosing here. Among the types sold here include portable, inverter, standby, and dual fuel. Also, there are accessories up for grabs.

Here, there are different methods of payment. You can read other reviews of buyers and then choose from the options given.

2. Home Depot

Shopping online has been made easier and smoother with Home Depot. The brand offers you the opportunity to choose from different generators available. They have solar and electric-powered types. This company sells a buying guide to help you while using the item. Brands sold here include Briggs & Stratton, Generac, Honda, and more.

3. Lowe's

Lowe's is the brand to trust when it comes to quality generators. This company has many retail stores both in Canada and the United States. There are many portable types and different brands you can choose from. Here, they have a standby, inverter, electric, and propane generators.

What's the Difference between Choosing Generators from Local shops and Specialty shops?

  • Use of local businesses

Choosing from local shops requires that you select from local businesses around you. If this is the case, you ignore getting from large retailers.

  • Generator-only store

When choosing from a specialty shop, you are dealing with a generator-only store. These shops are different from the department stores.

  • Variety of brands

The difference here is that specialty shops focus more on a variety of brands. This implies that you can choose any brand you want. You are open to different options compared to shopping at a local shop. Also, you can get everything related to your generator without stress.

Buying Guide

Features to Consider when Buying a Fuel Generator

Before buying from any online store, please consider the following:

The Generator’s power output

Determine the right needs for your generator’s daily use. You can achieve this by adding the equipment you’ll be using most. Remember that you can’t plug 10 different equipment all at once. So, this combination should be a realistic one. After determining this figure, you may add 500 to 1000 watts to it, to be on the safe side.

The Engine

Don’t consider the engine’s power output alone. Also, consider the quality of the build. Now, consider how frequently you wish to use your generator. If you’ll be using it from time to time, then be sure the engine has what it takes.


Whatever fuel generator you choose must have the right number of sockets to meet your needs. One may be fine if you’ll be doing casual DIY jobs. If you’ll be using it for more demanding work, then you may need more.

Also, what voltage do you plan to work with? For home users, the 230v sockets will be fine. If you’ll be doing some site work, then 100v sockets are most suitable. It’s advisable to have enough rather than less. Always go with generators with one more socket than required. This is because it may be useful.


Make sure you consider the generator’s weight. You may need something to transport with ease, especially for camping. If it’s too heavy, how will you move it about when necessary?

The Frame

This may not seem to be important. The frame housing your generator can make a lot of difference. A well-built frame will not only reduce the noise and vibration. It also protects your equipment from bumps and knocks, which you should expect on work sites. The diameter should be large enough. Also, choose one whose frame is powder-coated.


A fuel generator is great. You may find them very useful at any time. That’s why choosing one is necessary. The problem here comes with selecting one. This may be difficult due to the countless brands and types out there. Please consider its features and ensure whatever type you pick suits your needs. Why worry now? Choose the very best today and for sure, you’ll never be taken unawares.