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24 Things To Remember Before Getting Solar Generator For Home Owners

Solar generator for home is fast becoming a trend. These days, it has become easier to generate power using one. However, some people get discouraged because they do not understand how they work. This is why it is crucial to understand basic things about it. Switching over to this energy type involves proper planning.

Do you have difficulty in getting the right solar generator? This is a major problem for many people. Here, you’ll learn those things to consider before choosing one. You will also overcome the usual fear of picking. Lastly, you’ll be informed about the best location to use. Please continue reading and get answers to all your questions, and more!

What Are The Things To Consider When Getting Solar Generator For Home?

Getting a solar generator for home use needs certain considerations. These things are very important. It will surely prevent you from making the wrong decision. If you intend to get one, please consider the following.

How Much Does Solar Powered Generators Cost?

You must consider the cost. Always stick to your budget. However, before setting aside any amount, you should take some things into account.

What is the size of your home? This affects how much energy you need. The amount required for a small home will be less than that for a bigger home.

The cost of solar panels may also differ. They may be costly. So, consider if you are capable of acquiring them. If you cannot afford to get yours, you may have to rent one.

Another thing that affects the cost of getting a solar generator is the installation. You will need to hire a contractor unless you were trained for this. For sure, you’ll need to pay if you’re not doing it yourself. Also, you may need to get permits. This comes with some fees.

Various states offer tax credits. Sometimes, there are rebates. The maintenance cost is another thing to take note of. All these sum up to give the true amount needed to get renewable energy sources in your home.

Where Do You Want To Place It?

Before you choose your solar panels, first consider a strategic location for them. Most of them are mounted on the roof. However, in some cases, they are installed in the yard. This is because roof-mounting may be unfeasible.

This holds if you live in an older apartment, where you may have to replace your roof. Before any replacement, inspect to know if it can absorb the weight of the solar panels. Some roof types may not support the installation at all.

Roof installations could be too expensive. If you are working on a tight budget, you may also have to consider an alternative. After installing the panels, you’ll need the optimal positions for them. This is why the location is very important. If you reside in the southern hemisphere, position them to face north. Here, they will receive sunlight directly.

Does It Matter Where You Live?

Sometimes, people think solar panels aren’t feasible for some communities. This belief is even stronger if your area is not exposed to sunlight. This may be wrong.

Note that solar panels need about four hours of average sunlight each day. A state like Massachusetts has embraced solar energy. However, it is not as sunny as Arizona. Not getting as many peak sun hours doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it.

Will There Be Savings If I Use Solar Panels?

Many people are bothered about this. The moment you invest in solar panels, there are chances you could save more. The amount of energy usage affects your savings. This also depends on the size of the panel you have acquired.

Through Project Sunroof, one can have an estimation of possible savings every year. As reported by Energy Sage, homeowners see about $40,673 for twenty years. With this, you can save about $1,000 each year. However, this may vary. The area you live in, as well as the size of your home, is a key factor. These factors determine the total amount of energy you generate and use.

Do I Need A Permit?

This is also very important. Don’t install a solar panel without finding out if there’s a rule guiding its use. Different cities and states have existing rules concerning this. If you are going to install it on a residential property, please ask if you need a permit.

Also, there may be local laws and you just must comply. To avoid any embarrassment, simply apply for it. Getting approval may require some processes and take a longer time. But it is worth it. If you don’t need a permit, then you can go ahead with the installation.

Do I Need To Measure My Energy Use?

Measuring your energy use is also important. Your solar contractor or installer can help you out with this. When you measure it, it informs you about the energy you are generating.

With this information, you’ll know the possible energy you can consume. This will help you decide on the number of solar panels to install.

Where Will The Water Go?

You must remember this before getting your solar generator. Having installed the panels, where will water run through?

If you don’t consider this before installing, you may end up removing your solar panels. When water moves in the wrong direction, then there is a problem. When the installation is properly done, water will flow freely whenever it rains.

How Do I Manage Damage?

It is in proper planning that you consider that damage may be inevitable. Some natural occurrences could occur. It could be hail, storm, hurricane, or lightning. Any of these could cause damage to your solar panels. Plan on how to maintain them in such scenarios. Remember that you need to keep them safe. You could opt for insurance coverage on this.

What If I Relocate?

People barely consider this. Remember that you may need to relocate someday. When this arises, you will have to remove and reinstall your panels in your new home. If you are moving to a larger place or a more distant city, this may cost you. Take a critical evaluation of how they will work in your new environment. You may need to get a permit too. Also, you can decide to sell off your home with the panels. This increases the worth.

How Does a Solar Powered Generator Work?

You must figure this out. It is not advisable to invest in solar energy without having a prior understanding of how it works.

  • For renewable energy, solar panels generate power. They use the light energy gotten from the sun. 
  • With the inverter, direct current is converted to alternating current. This then becomes a source of electricity for you all day.
  • At times more electricity is generated than you require. In such a scenario, it is exported back to the grid. 

A proper understanding of how the solar panels work will go a long way when you acquire one. Also, get to understand your device wattage. Know the amp hours and the different battery types.

Should I Pick The Cheapest Options?

Remember that quality matters most. Sometimes, people want to opt for cheap products. Investing in cheaper solar panels may mean less durability. Therefore, you should choose the best panels even if it means spending more. However, it is less expensive doesn’t mean it won’t serve the purpose or last longer. There are cases of expensive products not living up to expectations.

All you need to do is find out more about what you are getting. Low-quality panels are risky. They could catch fire. Investing in the right one saves you the stress of spending more in the future.

Should I Consider Warranties?

Apart from insurance coverage on your panels, check out for the warranty. This is a sure way of protecting them. This also offers protection for the whole solar equipment. With this, you can hold the manufacturer responsible for any damage.

Do not choose panels without a warranty. Having this doesn’t incur any additional cost. Also, you must understand the different types.

  • Solar Panel Warranty

This warranty covers your solar panel. It lasts for about 25 to 30 years. This also protects you from any workmanship or material defect to the equipment.

  • Installation Warranty

This is another kind of warranty. It covers scenarios where your panels are installed inappropriately. It also covers the other solar equipment. This lasts for about 2 to 10 years. It exclusively covers repair, shipping, replacement of damaged parts, and roof penetration.

Your installer needs to provide you with information about this type of warranty. Having this with insurance could be the best way to cover your solar panels.

Can I Take Advantage Of Rebates?

Generally, rebates are to encourage people to invest in solar energy. The cost of installing your generator can range from $10,000 to $30,000. You can take advantage of the one provided by your city or state. Some solar companies offer this too.

If you can't fund the installation of your panels, maximize the offer of rebates. Your city can provide this when you install solar on your roof.

Can I DIY?

Being a DIYer is great, but it is advisable to hire an installer. Let a professional handle everything related to the installation. If possible, seek advice from them before getting your solar panels.

You can only do the installation yourself if you have some training in this. If this is not the case, things could go wrong while trying to install it yourself. Below are some of the challenges you’ll likely encounter.

  • Roof penetration

For installation, you need to create some holes in the roof. Without training, you may end up penetrating it the wrong way. This could cause permanent damage. If rain falls, water may flow through these leaks. Do not handle this sensitive aspect yourself.

  • Wiring challenges  

For this, you should hire an electrician. Failure to get the right person for the job could cause havoc. If this part is badly done, it may lead to electrical shock. So, don’t fix the wires unless you are trained to do so.

Can I select the Best Solar Generator?

Solar-powered generator for home use requires you to get the best. There are numerous brands in the market, so choosing the best may be confusing. If you’re not sure to select the best, then don’t buy it yourself.

Before you choose any, consider the generator’s size. Also, take a look at its features. This includes its power, outlets, portability, and dependability. How durable will it be? Taking note of all these things will help you choose the best.

What Appliances Do I Want To Power?

Remember this. Do not select a generator without considering the appliances you want to power. This will determine the size and wattage of what you should get. This is necessary because some types can't accommodate much load.

Does Your State Offer Net Metering?

If you want renewable energy, then you must know if your state provides net metering. This is because not all states offer this. It is the credit on your electric bill. This is based on the amount of electricity your panels can feed into the grid. Any additional energy goes into your battery storage. This is saved till your device runs low on solar energy.

Is it a Necessity to Choose Solar Panels?

Know that it is not a must that you choose solar panels. You can rent them. There are situations where some homeowners lease theirs instead of getting one. For this, some fees will be paid for the power generated every month.

When you lease, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs or repairs. A disadvantage here is your inability to partake in the savings offered for rebates.

Will Solar Powered Electricity be my only source of generating power?

You need to think deeply about this. If you don’t want it to be, you can still get connected to the city's electricity grid. This will be a plus if you reside in areas not exposed to the peak of sunlight. You can live off the grid. However, you will have to depend on battery storage.

Are you being realistic?

You need to be realistic. Set out achievable plans before getting a solar generator. Most especially if it is going to be the only source of generating power.

Can your solar generator power all your appliances? Do not set too many expectations on it. If you are getting a higher wattage unit, you may use it to power your TV or refrigerator. To carry all your devices at once, get more than one.

Is There More Than One Type Of Solar Panel?

Solar panels come in different types. However, each panel comes with its capacity. Here, we have:

  • Solar electricity: This is more popular. It uses solar cells to directly convert sunlight into power.
  • Solar thermal panel: This utilizes a mirror to concentrate sunlight. It is used for heating water. You can maximize this fully when the sun is at its peak.

Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

A solar-powered backup generator for home use works quite well. It can power a house. Asides from this, it will also generate electricity for your smaller devices. All you have to do is put away the energy-draining devices.

Do not turn them on at the same period. Avoid putting too much load on your solar generator. Carefully study how many watts each of your devices uses. You can get a watt reader for the job.

How Big of a Solar Generator Do I Need?

You can get a 6,000-watt solar generator for an average home. It all depends on the appliances you want to power. The size of your house determines the watts of the generator you should go for. Select something twice the size of your inverter's regular output.

If you’re getting an 8,000-watt generator, this means that you can have more appliances connected to it. A large appliance like the air conditioner requires a large solar panel. When selecting one, check out its battery storage capacity.

Are Solar Panels Bad for the Roof?

This is one of the frequently asked questions. Solar panels are perfect for a new roof. This does not mean you should be careless with the installation. Don’t install them on roofs that have grown weak. Hire a professional installer.


Solar generator for home is becoming one of the most preferred by homeowners today. If you desire to have one, then you should get the best out there. There are many benefits to enjoy using this type. With the right type, you can generate power at the comfort of your home. Take note of those things you should remember before getting one. If you follow these guidelines, you will surely get the best.