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5 Benefits Of Using Inverter Generator Parallel Kit

Worried that one generator isn’t going to provide you with the power you need on your next camping trip? You have a choice of buying a bigger generator, or “paralleling” generators to boost the power. Which is the right solution for you?

A parallel kit will give you a simple and convenient solution. Read on to discover the benefits of using inverter generator parallel kits and keep the AC unit running at full blast.

What is “Paralleling” Generators?

Paralleling generators is when you connect two generators together. You need a kit or cable to 

do this. This way, you can use the power of both in the same circuit. The modern convenience (and quietness) of inverter generators is a bonus. A lot of them can be connected with ease. You need to make sure you’ve got the right inverter parallel kit and compatible generators. 

For example, the Champion Power Equipment 73500i 30A RV Ready Parallel Kit connects 2000-watt 735XXi model series inverters. You need to make sure the kit and inverter generator is compatible. Often, the generators need to be producing the same level of wattage for you to be able to parallel them.

Benefits of Using an Inverter Generator Parallel Kit

Is it time to decide between using a parallel kit or ditching your smaller generator for a big alternative? The benefits of the parallel kits can help you to decide which is best.

1. Double the Power

This is the main reason to use a parallel kit. You’re using the power of both of the generators together. This means that you can use appliances and devices that use more power, for longer, and not have to worry.

2. Choose to Only Use the Power You Need

Taking a big generator out on the road with you, or even keeping it in the garage, means less flexibility. You don’t have the option to run it at half capacity. It’s easy to waste energy.

If you’re going on a camping trip where you have less power demand, like if you need to run a cooker and charge some devices then you might only use one generator. If you need to run the AC unit all weekend in your RV, you can use both. This flexibility is one of the big plus points of a parallel kit.

If power demands are less than one day, you can run a single generator rather than both. This can even prevent wasted fuel from having a bigger generator chugging away, so it is better for the environment.

3. Cope with Spikes in Power Demand

Power demand might naturally spike at different times, or when appliances are being used. For example, when a thermostat tells an AC unit to kick in. 

If you are using one generator, you might find that these spikes start to damage the generator. If you see black soot from your generator then it is probably being overloaded. This overload is not efficient. You run the risk of power cutting out and even a damaged generator.

By adding a second generator in parallel, you make sure that even if the demand suddenly spikes, you can handle it with no interruption. 

4. Extend Your Existing Generator (Rather than Replacing)

This is a benefit for someone who already has a generator, but needs more power. It’s worth checking if you can parallel it. Rather than having to spend a lot of money replacing it with a more expensive and powerful model, a generator parallel cable might let you get a second generator of the same design. This is usually much cheaper.

As well as making your generator setup more powerful by adding the extra model, you will often end up with more outlets, which can be handy for connecting more devices and appliances.

5. Backup Power

Generators occasionally break. This is frustrating, and doubly frustrating if your generator is already running as a backup to your main power supply.

If you’re running two generators, the chances of both of them breaking are pretty slim. There’s a reason why airplanes have multiple motors. If you’re out in the wilderness and one of your generators breaks or goes wrong, you still have a decent level of power capacity. You can charge your phone or cook your food as you would have. 

Benefits of Inverter Generators

Why do people opt for inverter generators? This technology is more modern than conventional generators and more efficient. 

The inverter model throttles the engine, ramping it up or down to meet demand, rather than running at full capacity the whole time it is on.

The benefits include:

  • Fuel efficiency. Gas and electric generators with inverter technology use less fuel because they can match power demand.
  • They run much more quietly than conventional generators.
  • Often, they are lightweight and portable.
  • You can run them in parallel for the extra power.

As technology has improved, generators have become quieter and more efficient. It makes sense to upgrade to a modern inverter generator (or two) if you are still running an old model.

Using an Inverter Generator Parallel Kit Safely

A quick note on using an inverter parallel kit safely. It’s important that you do your research when buying a kit. 

In some cases, two different brands can be paired together, but you must stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Trying to parallel two generators that have different wattages or are made in a different way can be dangerous. You could end up breaking the generators or even hurting yourself.

Fortunately, if you buy a kit and two of the recommended generators, setup will normally be a breeze. You may not even need any tools to stack two generators and double up on power.


Using an inverter generator parallel kit is not only a way to extend an existing setup. It’s often a deliberate decision. You can enjoy more flexibility and the extra level of security given by two generators instead of one. 

Pairing a compatible set of generators is essential. For instance, if you are running two 2000-watt 735XXi model series inverter they can be linked with the Champion 30-Amp RV Ready Parallel Kit. It’s about matching up within the correct brand and wattage. Make sure you choose a compatible kit, and you can enjoy the benefits and peace of mind. Only use the power you need, and cope with whatever power needs your camping trip demands.