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How To Choose A Portable Propane Generator For Your Home

Power outages are often caused because of harsh weather, such as ice buildup, or speedy winds. You can face the freezing temperature drop or spoiled food in these situations. That's why you should get a portable propane generator to run appliances during power outages. In an emergency, wheel it out, pull the cord, and you have your mini electric plant ready to go at your home.

A propane generator generates enough power to run your essential appliances. Unlike the standby generator, it needs less money upfront, around $500 to $2000. At the same time, standby generators can cost you $4000. Along with that, it is pretty simple to use as you don’t need installation service providers to get it running. Let's find out how to buy the right product and from where.

How to choose a portable generator?

Here, we offer the complete guide to choose the right generator according to your needs. 

The Basics of Portable Generator

Portable generators can supply power to several electronics from small appliances to AC. You can use medium to larger portable generators to operate power tools. To choose the right portable generator, you should consider:

  •   What is the right portable generator size?
  •   Factors to consider while choosing the best portable generator
  •   Why are propane-powered portable generators the best?
  •   What is the best portable propane generator?

What is the suitable portable generator size?

Selecting the right size generator depends on the power you need. There are two types of watts i-e running watts and starting watts. Running watts are the continuous ones required to keep electronics running. While starting watts are extra watts required for 2 to 3 seconds to turn on the heavy electronics.

Follow these steps to determine your wattage requirements for your home. 

1. Select the electronics you want to use on the generator.

2. List down all the running watts and extra starting watts required. 

3. Now add the running watts of all the electronics. You should get a generator that produces at least this many running watts.

4. Choose one device with the highest number of extra starting watts and add it to your total running watts. You should get a generator that produces at least this many starting watts.

Using this way, you can get the suitable and right size of a portable generator.

Factors to consider the best portable generator

Following are some of the important factors to consider the best portable generator:

  • Dimensions and weight

Portable generators come with different ranges of weights and dimensions. Low wattage generators weigh from 60 pounds. But, the high wattage generators are around 300 pounds. So always buy a generator that you can manage without getting injured while moving it.

  • Noise of generator

Another important factor while choosing a portable generator is its noise. Most generators are a little noisier. But, they vary in their noise levels. A thunderclap generator produces 120 dB of noise. Try to get portable generators with a noise range between 70 to 80 dB.

  • Starting procedure

The generator starting procedure also varies between models. Some of them need the manual pulling cord to get them started. While some come with an electric start (push-button battery starter). These are more convenient and easy to use.

  • Fuel type

You can use different fuel types according to your needs. You can use diesel for heavy load, but the most recommended fuel type is propane for your home use. Many generators in the market are available with hybrid dual fuel. It means that you can use gasoline or propane.

Portable generator features

Some of the best features of a portable generator include:

  •   Larger fuel tank to use extra runtime.
  •   Integrated fuel tanks to prevent power interruptions.
  •   Safe for computers and all other sensitive electronics.
  •   Low tone mufflers for quiet working.
  •   Wheel knit for easy portability.
  •   Circuit breaker protected outlet to guard against generator overload.

Why are propane-powered portable generators the best?

While purchasing a portable generator, you might feel overwhelmed with several fuel sources. Many people buy Diesel generators if they need to run them for office or factory uses. For home, the best fuel type is propane that is a type of liquefied petroleum gas. According to EIA, it burns cleaner than gasoline and without any unpleasant smell. 

Reasons you should use propane for your generator:

  • You can stock propane as it can last longer and works well in the case of emergencies. With propane generators, running out of fuel is less of a risk.
  • Propane would not degrade over time, and you don’t have to use it by a certain date. It would be best if you got a quality tank for propane storage. Also, you don’t need expensive stabilizers to keep it from going bad.
  • You don’t need maintenance or cleaning services for propane generators.
  • Propane-based generators are much easy and less expensive to maintain.
  • It produces fewer pollutants than diesel and gasoline. So, if pollution is your main concern, propane is the best energy source.
  • Propane doesn’t have any temperature-related issues. And, that makes it the best choice for the winter season.
  • It offers more than twice as much energy per cubic foot. Gasoline provides 1040 BTU/cubic while propane provides 2490 BTU/cubic feet.
  • You can take it for your camping trip or use it at small outdoor events.

What is the best portable propane generator?

There are several propane generators available in the market. But, DuroStar DS12000EH is one of the perfect home backup solutions for all your power needs. What makes it the best is its starting and running watts i-e 12,000 and 9,500.

The DuroStar portable generator will keep you powered through any storm. It is capable of handling heavy loads, including your TV to the A/C unit. It also tends to be far more effective in their fuel use as it doubles the fuel life when running on propane. 

The 18 Horsepower of this generator can crank out the power of 11,400 Watts. Also, it provides a low-maintenance solution for all your home needs. The starting watts of this generator is 12,000, while the running watts are 9500.

It offers dual-fuel technology as it runs on gasoline or propane. It provides you the flexibility of fuel choice according to your needs. Besides that, it has an idle control feature as it lowers its RPM when not in use to save fuel.

Moreover, EPA and CARB also approve all DuroStar generators. You can explore the list of the best portable propane generators for sale.


Investing in the right portable propane generator is the best thing to do so you have a power backup in your home. Be considerate about using your generator to be on good terms with your neighbors. Try to put your portable generator where it won’t bother anyone. Also, try to avoid running it late at night. See some of the best-selling portable propane generators in 2021.