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Top 5 Portable Generator Accessories You Need

Top 5 Portable Generator Accessories You Need

Every generator needs its accessories, especially portable ones. If yours needs some extra tools to stay protected and help it remain powered for long periods, try out one of our favorite items. These are the top five portable generator accessories you need to have with you.


When generators run, they run. And, oh boy, they’re pretty loud, especially at night! If you need to lessen the noise volume, consider getting a muffler. The mufflers are easy to attach, and each one offers different levels of sound reduction.

Newer mufflers have more advanced options, and not all newer ones fit every model. So when you first consider buying portable generators for your home, work environment, or elsewhere, ask your seller for recommendations on the best mufflers for your model.

Transfer Switch

Sometimes, you need a timer that automatically sets the generator off and on. This is a good tool if your primary grid ever loses power. When you use the transfer switch, it stops taking power from the primary electrical grid and uses energy from the generator.

Once you’ve restored power, the generator turns off and switches the main power back on. You won’t worry about wasting energy during your power outage. Likely, your generator won’t come with a switch, but if you need one, definitely reach out and ask if there’s a switch available to buy separately!

Power Cord

For the generator to work, you’ll need a power cord. Power cords are a little different since the outlets vary in amplitude. One way to look at it is through a 30-amp line. Now, the cable delivers power but not a whole lot if your generator has an outlet that has 50 amps. So you see, cords come in various sizes, but not all will work for the same port.

Protective Cover

A protective cover’s essential for the generator because it guards it against the elements, such as high heat and cold, and prevents the machine from rusting. It doesn’t matter if the generators are right next to you or further away from your home or workplace; it’s essential to have a protective cover.

Maintenance Kit

You need a cover, but you also need a maintenance kit. A maintenance kit filled with spark plugs, oil, and air filters will keep the generator working and in better condition year-round. The maintenance kit is the number-one item of the five other accessories for your portable generator.

Having a generator that not only works but also comes with some much-needed tools is crucial. As a top generator distributor, Our Generators would love to work with you to find the suitable machine for you, along with a few choice accessories! So contact us today for info on the tools you need and questions about our generators.