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21 Reasons To Use Champion Propane Generator For RV or Camping

Using Champion generators for camping or RVing comes with a pleasurable experience. They have capacities to work effectively without a glitch. With the accessibility of propane, you can have your equipment powered all day long.

Have you wondered why a Champion propane generator is regarded as the best? Why do some people prefer their generators to other brands? There are many reasons for this. Here, you’ll understand why this is so. Please continue reading to widen your knowledge in this regard.

What Are The Reasons To Use Champion Propane Generators For RV or Camping?

Over the years, the Champion brand has become a household name among generator users. In this section, you’ll understand why you should use their generators for your RV or Camping.

One of the most recognized of this brand’s propane generators is the Champion 3400-Watt. It is great for RVing and camping. Let’s give a quick description of this product.

  • It is a dual fuel portable generator (can run on either gasoline or propane)
  • 3,400 starting watts with 3,100 running watts
  • Comes with a 4-stroke 192cc OHV engine
  • Features 1.6-gallon capacity fuel tank
  • The runtime is up to 14.5 hours on propane.
  • Comes with a Propane (LPG) Hose, oil funnel, 2 USB adapters, and battery
  • Backed with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Cold Start Technology, which guarantees its quick start during chilly weather.
  • Has an electric start with 3- position ignition switch.
  • Its noise level at 23 feet is 59dBA
  • 96lb in weight
  • Has a low oil shut-off sensor.
  • Easy to use and simple control panel

There are many other propane generators by Champion. Now, let us consider reasons to choose their models over others for RVing or Camping.


This is one of the reasons you should choose this brand. As a camper, you need an easy-to-move generator. Transporting this equipment is one common problem campers usually have. However, Champion makes its transportation easier. Their generators come with wheels. It also has some inbuilt handles.


Camping should be fun. You don't want a generator that causes much embarrassment for your family. Champion propane generators operate quietly. It also ensures smooth14 operation. At least, you can hold conversations without raising your voice. They come with a modern exhaust system which muffles noise.

Clean Burning

Champion generators don't release fumes or toxins. This is why they are eco-friendly. They generate clean power always. It possesses not more than 6% THD. They don’t release carbon monoxide.


Oil helps lubricate the moving parts of generators. However, those manufactured by some brands consume 0.6 quarts of oil. This is one reason you should choose from Champion. You won't go through the stress of purchasing oil from time to time.


Champion generators are visually appealing and stylish. Their compact designs are great for your camping. They could come in a blend of yellow and black color.


Champion generators are usually strong. It can take double duty during an outage. With its optional parallel kit, you can increase its power. Also, you can improve its output by connecting it to higher inverters. This brand ensures campers can power their large and small appliances.

Weather Friendly

Champion generators are for all seasons. You can trust this one to power your appliances during summer, winter, and spring. Interestingly, they come with Cold Start Technology. It will never knock out during any climatic condition.

RV Ready

Champion generators usually feature a 50-amp RV-ready outlet. It is a great source of generating power at any time. This has an advantage for RVers.

You can plug your RV directly into your generator. It can power your air conditioner without a separate adapter.


When you are camping, you need an easy-to-use generator. Propane generators don’t come with much difficulty. This is why Champion generators are simple to use. They have amazing features, which are built with simplicity. Also, they are versatile.

Quality and Durability

Everyone desires a generator that can last long. Champion generators are one of the best in this regard. They are made with high-quality materials and are well structured. Also, they come with a cast iron sleeve to ensure durability.

This brand backs up its products with a warranty. You can be guaranteed a device that can last for decades.


You can always depend on Champion generators for clean power. Dependability may be hard to find with some brands. This brand has built so much trust in users because they don’t knock out. Be assured of an uninterrupted power supply.


This is one of the relatively cheap generators. The brand has the interest of consumers at heart. You don’t have to spend too much to get a high-quality generator. You can easily purchase one for your RVing or camping.

Dual Fuel

Champion generators are dual fuel in nature. This means you can power them with propane or gas. You can also switch from one fuel type to another.

With this feature, you won’t worry if there’s fuel scarcity when camping. Propane is readily accessible; once you have it, you can power your generator. This brand boasts one of the best dual fuel portable generators.

Consumers' Choice

When consumers rate a product high, it indicates that it is worth choosing. Recently, people have rated Champion generator as the best for RVing and campsite. This is because they are powerful and have different capacities to work efficiently.

Fuel Gauge

This is one great advantage of Champion generators over others. With a glance, you can easily know how much fuel is left in your generator. It also provides you with detailed information about your fuel usage.

Value for Money

Using Champion generators gives you the value you want. This is possible because of its very strong engine. You can trust this device to generate power at all times. Consumer rankings also prove this.

Fuel Consumption

You must consider fuel consumption when getting your generator. This is why Champion generators are great. With its economy mode, they consume less fuel even after running for hours.

Auto Shut Off

All propane generators by Champion have auto shut off. Whenever the engine overheats, you need not worry. It’s rare for any generator for this brand to overheat. This is because its engines are well structured.

In case an overheating occurs, this feature shuts your generator off. This also works when the equipment runs out of oil and low fuel levels.


This is another good reason to choose Champion generators. They are not so difficult to maintain. You do not have to spend so much on maintenance.

Customer Support

This is the main reason to choose from this brand. It feels safe when you know that someone has got your back. Champion is ever supportive to their customers. If you have any complaints about your device, just reach out to them.

While camping, you can also get the customer support and care you need. All it takes is to complain to the right department and they will rectify your issue.

Comprehensive Manual

Have you ever bought any of Champion's products? If yes, then you can tell that their manuals are comprehensive. If you have any difficulty with your generator, just go through the manual. It is a simple guide to put you through any difficult situation.

Can You Run an RV On Solar Power?

Your RV can be run on solar power. It brings much convenience with power generation. All you need is sunlight. This involves learning more about its panels. They are responsible for the conversion of the sun's energy. Also, they are environmentally friendly.

Investment here can save costs because you don’t have to keep refueling the tank. Through the solar panel, power will be generated to the RV's battery controller.


Having an amazing camp experience is paramount. But things could become awry when power generation becomes an issue. This is one good reason why Champion propane generators are great. You have a lot to gain when you use it for RVing or camping. Be sure to have memorable moments. Get one today and you’ll be glad you did.

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