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Why You Need a Portable Generator for Camping

Why You Need a Portable Generator for Camping

Camping season is about to begin. We bet you’re excited, ready to pack the car and say, “see ya later, (insert your hometown)!” Camping is a fantastic pastime; sitting under a sea of stars, looking out into the forest, and imagining yourself living in that one perfect spot forever. We get it—that feeling is mutual.

However, before you head out on your camping trip, you need the right essentials, like a portable generator. Even if you’re off-gridding for a week this spring, listen to our reasons why you need a portable generator for camping.

It Keeps Other Things Running and Charging

What would you do without your charger? Don’t go without your phone; you need it to get to where you need to go, play your favorite road trip songs, and look for places to hike. The last you want is to see that “low battery” alert pop up on your phone.

You Can Use the Generator for Other Things

You should get a portable generator if you rent a cabin or have an RV that needs to power things other than your phone. A generator keeps stuff like refrigerators, mini-TVs, and stoves running. Use this power to keep your food cold and all your amenities working as intended.

Portable Generators Work in Emergencies

If you run into trouble while camping or traveling between pitstops on the way to the campsite, you can use the generator to jumpstart the car. You can never avoid all emergencies on a camping trip. Your portable generator also helps if others in your party need something to keep their medical devices operating.

Keeps Power Going in the Evening

No matter where you’re camping, the electricity can stay on through the night. A portable generator gives extra juice to keep lights on and your Bluetooth speaker playing your favorite playlist. If you plan to camp in the summer, the generators help power fans and keep electric bug zappers zapping the bugs away all night long.

It’s essential to have a portable generator with you while camping. Our Generators customer service team loves camping, too, and we can’t wait to share in the conversation about our favorite portable gas generators to use while on the road. Let’s talk! Contact us to learn how a portable generator can prepare you to confidently get outdoors this camping season.