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16 Reasons To Choose Portable Generators For Camping

Every day, we go through stress and the bustling of life may disconnect the family. This is why camping is necessary. It is a nice time to bond with your loved ones. However, this fun can be short-lived. This is due to the issues that may arise in a bid to generate power. Your regular generator may be too heavy to transport. So what other options are available for easy transportation? Also, how do you generate electricity when there is an outage? This means you should have an alternative.

You can choose portable generators for camping. Here, you will learn what to consider before choosing one. Also, you’ll understand how you can use them to your advantage. Continue reading to know the reasons why you should choose this generator.

Why You Should Choose Portable Generators For Camping?

Portable generators are great. Campers can find good reasons to choose them henceforth. Let’s consider them.

1. Backup Power for Camping

You can opt for portable generators for camping as a backup plan. Going to the camp with the assumption that there can’t be a power outage could be your undoing. Always prepare for whatever happens. This ensures you have a great time.

2. Convenience

A portable generator will offer you so much comfort while camping. Their simple features help them to be accessible. They have compact designs, so you can get them running with ease. They can be transported without any issue. Some generators could be difficult to use. Having this type at your campsite could give you an unpleasant experience.

3. Quiet Operation

Who wants to be noticed for a negative occurrence when camping? People should notice you for something palatable. You won't want anyone to address your family as one with the noisy generator. There are always decibel limits on a campsite. So, the moment your equipment makes some horrible sound, attention is on you.

When this happens, you have no choice but to turn off your generator.  Your camping experience may not be a memorable one. To avoid such an embarrassment, choose portable generators. This is because they are structured to operate quietly.

Also, they usually come with noise reduction features like exhaust mufflers.

4. Offers a Well-lit Campsite

With a portable generator, you can have a well-lit campsite. When there is a power outage and everywhere is dark, you can light up the atmosphere with enough light.

With proper lighting at your campsite, you’ll feel safe. Your belongings will be safe too. You may also want to clean up your surroundings and cook. For these activities, you’ll need enough light. This is what these generators offer.

5. You Can Power your Devices

You need to power your smartphones. When you go camping, you wouldn't want to get out of reach. This is not possible if your generator doesn’t deliver. With portable generators, you’ll charge your devices.

Most campers go with their cameras. You would not want to miss taking shots of nice scenery at the camp. How will this be possible without a reliable source of power? With a portable generator supplying enough electricity, you can charge your gadgets. They are the best for camping purposes.

6. Kids Get Entertained

Your kids don’t want to have a bad camping experience. They’ve been excited since hearing of your plans to camp with them. Your children may get bored if there are no enticing activities for them. When the light goes off, what do you do?

That’s why it is safe to have a portable generator. Your gadgets will always bring some entertainment to your children. They love a nice ambiance and you can create this. You can even set up a theatre at the camp. With your projector, they can enjoy movie night.

Get prepared, because your children will always want to go camping. This is because you have a portable generator that ensures they always have fun.

7. Sound Sleep

With your fan-powered, you can have a nice night. Sleeping at the campsite could be terrible if you don’t feel relaxed. If you are not comfortable, how will you enjoy your sleep? This becomes worse when the weather is hot.

If you have a portable generator, then you can power your fan. This delivers a cool breeze from your fan, ensuring you enjoy your sleep.

8. Affordability

Most people find it easy to get a portable generator.  This is because they are affordable. Also, they are sold to provide users with a cheap source of clean power while camping. The price range may differ, but they are still affordable.

9. Reliability

Portable generators are reliable. They will not fail you when you need to generate power. Nothing is as painful as your inability to get electricity while camping. However, this is a generator you can depend on. They have stable output.

10. Best for Recreational Purposes

Do you wonder why people opt for portable generators? This is because they are the best for recreational activities. As a result, they have become the most preferred for campers.

These generators help you enjoy the comfort you get from your home. You can connect your devices to them and have some fun.

11. Limited Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, there’s nothing to worry about. Maintaining a portable generator comes with minimal options. Most of them feature fuel shut-off. This helps in regulating your device. Aside from this, it doesn’t allow any blockage and it utilizes the fuel left in the carburetor. This is done before your device shuts down.

It is quite easier to maintain portable generators compared to bigger ones. While camping, you won’t worry about your device knocking out.

12. Economical

Portable generators are economical. Having one, you won’t worry about storing gasoline. They have eco-mode features, which help to regulate fuel consumption.

You’ll also be able to save money. This is due to how it economizes fuel. No one wants to keep spending on fuel. You’ll surely spend some cash during your camping trip. However, with a portable generator, you’ll be able to limit your expenses.

13. Value for Money

Portable generators offer you the right value for your money. This is because it satisfies your needs appropriately. You get them at the right price with the right quality. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with using one.

14. Temperature Cooling

This is another good reason. It helps with cooling systems in your tent. It achieves this by keeping the air in the tent dry and cool. This also ensures the removal of excess heat in it. It "normalizes" the temperature of your space.

15. Cooking Is Fun

Choosing portable generators for campers comes with many benefits. One of them is easy cooking. Just imagine you do not have a camping generator and there is a power outage. That won't be nice. With one available, you can cook using your electric stove. Also, you’ll be able to prepare freshly made food. You may decide to use your microwave too.

Asides from this, you’ll be able to cook at any time of the day. This is because your generator does not produce noise. You’ll enjoy cooking at home the same way you’ll do at the campsite.

16. Variety of Models

There are different types of portable generators available for camping. These include:

Propane-powered generators: These are mechanical devices that produce electricity. They create electricity through the conversion of motorized power. This they achieve via the burning of propane to electrical energy

Gasoline-powered generators: This device generates electrical energy. It achieves this through the conversion of gasoline’s energy. This is the most popular design. It fits into any situation

Dual fuel generators: This is the most versatile model. It can use two different fuels to generate electricity. Most times, it is propane and gasoline. They can also switch between the two to generate electricity.  

As campers, you can choose any of the models that best suits your needs. The different types of portable generators ensure your camping experience is memorable. These reasons highlighted above clearly show why you need to choose portable generators.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Portable Camping Generators

You must consider some factors when choosing camping generators. Let’s quickly look into them.


You have to consider what you’ll be powering during your camping. When going to the camp, you will surely go with some important gadgets. The fact is, our electricity needs for this trip differ. Therefore, it will do you no good basing your electricity needs on your neighbor's.

If you are powering smaller devices, then choose a small portable camping generator. For more devices, consider getting one that can deliver more power. All you have to do is sum up the starting watts of all your appliances.

Also, know your generator’s power output capacity. On average, campers use generators not less than 1600 to 2000 watts. So, when choosing, consider this range.


The importance of a portable generator for your camping cannot be overemphasized. Please note that the fact it is compact does not mean it will be lightweight.

For your camping, choose a generator you can easily transport. That means one that is both portable and lightweight. Take time to check this out before selecting it. Those weighing about 20 to 30 pounds can be moved with ease around the campsite.


Many portable camping generators are affordable. However, you still need to consider the cost when choosing one. Their prices could range from 400 to 4000 USD. Don’t assume that because it is lightweight, it can't be expensive.


When you're selecting a portable generator consider its engine. This is referred to as the equipment’s "powerhouse". Normally, their engines are strong and are very durable. They also have a quality life span. The majority of them run on 4-stroke OHV engines and are not bulky.

Some portable generators possess V-Twin engines. One thing about this type is that it can easily rotate at a faster speed. Their power is also lighter than other engines. Its displacement can have an indirect effect on the power your device can generate.

The Startup

You need to consider the startup also. While camping, you must have fun. Nothing should stress you unnecessarily when you want to generate power. Some portable generators have an electric startup. Others come with a recoil startup.

What differs between the two is the number of pulls you can put up when starting your generator. For everyday use, you can choose the electric startup. Most portable generators with this also feature backup recoil start.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain questions campers ask when it comes to choosing portable generators. Let us carefully study them.

Are Portable Camping Generators Worth It?

Portable generators are great for camping. Power outages could lead to serious heat. This could be discomforting especially at night when sleeping. This is why you need a source of electricity generation at your campsite.

Portable camping generators can save you a lot of stress. You need it to run your appliances during a power outage. Also, they are very safe to use. It is a sure way to get electricity when needed. They have unique features and this is why they are worth every penny.

Can You Run a Generator Overnight while Camping?

This is the concern of most people. They always want to have an adequate power supply while camping at night. Depending on the model, you can run your generator overnight. To do this, note that there are certain challenges you may have to deal with.

  • Consider your neighbor’s peace and solitude
  • First, consider your neighbor’s peace and solitude especially during camping. It is wrong to run a generator that emits fumes and carbon monoxide overnight. If it does not burn clean, then there’s no point using it. All that matters is for it to be eco-friendly. The quietness matters.

  • Understand the rules of each campsite or reserve
  • You need to understand the rules of each campsite or reserve. Some campsites don’t allow generators. If it is permitted, then you must adhere strictly to their codes. Before you camp, discuss with the officials in the area to know what the basic requirements are.

  • Understand your generator’s capacity
  • Your generators are not made to run continuously without a break. Please understand the capacity of your generator. Their runtime differs. Some can run for eight hours while others can generate power for a longer period. If you operate yours for more than the timeframe it has been engineered for, it may knock. No matter how long your device was designed to run, still, attend to them frequently.

    Will a 2000-Watt Inverter Generator Be Sufficient To Run My Camping Equipment?

    People need to run their camping equipment. It could be frustrating when there is no means to do so. Typically, a 2000-watt inverter generator is enough to power some common devices.

    The issue that may arise is that these devices are not the same. They have varying capacities and come in different sizes. You need to figure out the amount of power needed for your appliances. Don’t start them without studying ways of powering them. Also, find out their exact starting and running watts.


    Now, you’ve seen reasons why portable generators for camping are the best. They are easy to use, eco-friendly, and fuel-efficient. Also, they prepare you for emergencies. However, don’t just rush into selecting one. Carefully choose one that is perfect for your camp needs. Also, find out the rules of the campsite before anything. Taking all these into consideration, you are sure to have a memorable experience.