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5 Tips for Protecting Your Portable Generator From Theft

5 Tips for Protecting Your Portable Generator From Theft

Campers looking to purchase a portable generator must know that a generator is not cheap. When first looking, you’ll see a wide range of prices, some getting quite high, so individuals need to weigh the pros and cons before buying. Purchasing a generator also means knowing that you must keep an eye on your device, or it can get stolen or vandalized. Remember these five tips for protecting your portable generator from theft.

Have Security Measures Set Up Before You Buy

Buying a generator is great—it keeps the campsite powered at night and supplies juice to charge your electronic devices, but it needs protection. Purchasing a device like a generator and deciding to wait to set up security measures is the worst mistake you could make.

A generator is handy on the road and camping trips, but if you leave it without securing it, you better have some money for a replacement. Ensuring you set up security helps you keep your generator safe from the first day of purchase.

Put the Generator in a Storage Box When It’s Not in Use

If you go days without using the generator, keep it inside a storage box. A storage container protects the generator from vandalism and theft. If thieves can’t open the box, they will likely leave it alone. Restricting access can save you from replacing parts of your generator or the whole thing.

Protect the Fuel From Thieves

People look high and low for fuel, even miles away from a gas station. Any time you’re not using the generator, lock up the fuel. Gas is a valuable resource anyone would love to get their hands on if there’s ever a chance. Restrict access to your fuel supply by locking up leftover fuel in a storage unit.

Add a Tracker to Your Portable Generator

If you’re not careful, someone might take your portable generator. Prevent any chance of someone stealing your portable generator for good by installing a tracking device on it. Many companies offer different tracking devices, like air tags, to install onto personal belongings. The trackers contain a microchip that connects to a smartphone or laptop for easier tracking.

Install an Alarm System

Intruders are likely to vacate an area if there’s an alarm. When an alarm goes off, thieves often pick flight over fight. The alarm uses a special socket that’s pulled when something you don’t want to get touched gets disconnected.

Follow these tips for protecting your portable generator from theft. Setting up a security system before buying your portable inverter generator saves you more money and time tracking down and replacing it. The experts here at Our Generators can provide you with more ideas on finding the best generator for you and how to keep it safe.