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5 Tools Everyone Should Keep in Their Car

5 Tools Everyone Should Keep in Their Car

Your car is a convenient way to commute from point A to point B, but there are some things you should keep in mind to stay safe. If you have a breakdown or need emergency assistance, having the right supplies can make all the difference. You’ll probably never find yourself helpless on the side of the road simply by remembering these five tools everyone should keep in their car.

Spare Tire

A spare tire is one of the most important things to keep in your car. After all, no one wants a flat tire in the middle of nowhere with no signal to call a tow truck. However, with all the hazards on the road, a flat tire can happen at any time. A spare tire and jack stand can be a lifesaver during this type of emergency, giving you a temporary solution until you can get your car to the shop.

General Tools

There’s no telling what might go wrong with your car while you’re out on the road. Some essential tools can be handy for getting yourself out of a pinch. With a portable ratchet and socket set, you can perform minor repairs or fix broken parts that are easily accessible. Also, consider getting an OBD2 scanner to read any error codes your car sends, giving you a heads-up if something significant has occurred.


A dead battery will leave you stranded, making it impossible to start your car. With a pair of jumper cables, you enable the possibility of finding someone who will jump-start your car with help from their car’s battery. You could also opt for a portable lithium jump starter, capable of starting any vehicle without outside assistance.


You may find yourself in an emergency while out on the road during nighttime. Dangerous weather, road closures, and other unexpected events could leave you in the dark. In these cases, there’s nothing handier than a flashlight when you need to see where you’re going and what you’re doing while stranded on the road. Keeping a just-in-case flashlight in your car will help you stay safe when things go wrong.

First Aid Kit

Accidents happen on the road every day. If you are someone else gets injured, having some basic supplies to administer first aid care before emergency services arrive is useful. Therefore, you should always have a first aid kit in your car in case you or someone else need immediate attention. Even supplies as simple as an adhesive bandage and antiseptic can make a huge difference.

No matter where you’re going, hazards on the road can easily cut your trip short. Knowing what tools everyone should keep in their car will give you peace of mind while traveling. With careful planning and the right equipment, you can improve your trip and arrive at your destination safely.