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5 Vital Portable Generator Safety Tips You Should Know

5 Vital Portable Generator Safety Tips You Should Know

Portable generators are great for road tripping, living off the grid, and commuting to your job. If you have wanted to learn more vital portable generator safety tips, here are five you should know.

Always Maintain the Generator

The first thing you’ll want to learn right now is how to maintain your portable generator. You’ll want to perform detailed inspections when maintaining the generator, as they can help discover problems beforehand.

An electrical generator assessment list is different from a gas-powered generator assessment. A diesel generator inspection checklist includes examining the fuel levels, while electrical requires you to check the battery power. These areas are vital to enhancing the generator's performance.

Learn How To Set Up the Generator

You should set up your generator properly before using it. One thing you’ll learn is power transfer. Every power grid can only handle so much, so be careful where you plug in the transfer tools.

Since you’ll use the generator during power outages the most, you want an open and clear spot to exert its energy. Set up a location outside with a covering so it’s protected from rain and away from cramped spaces.

Monitor Your Generator

Be sure to keep an eye on your generator. Like anything else, it’s a device that helps sustain power during outages, supplying your home with additional energy in emergencies. You should set up a device or download an app to analyze your generator’s power levels.

Read Your Instructors Manual

The instructor's manual is the guide to understanding your generator. Learning how to use the generator safely will be difficult without reading the instructions. So, rely on your manufacturer's manual to learn how to set it up correctly and what you should look for if there are any problems.

Always contact the manufacturer if you encounter issues, as they can guide you on how to set up your generator and maintain and troubleshoot your machine.

Get a Professional Inspection Every Year

It’s essential to have generators checked every year, but especially if you use your generator daily. A professional inspection can help diagnose problems faster and maintain the machine. Many people may not have the time to do certain things, so it’s better to do routine checks every six months to a year to ensure the generator is running properly.

Get your portable generator checked and learn how to safely use it. With these tips, you’ll become more accustomed to using the generator properly. If you want to learn more about the products we sell at Our Generators, don’t hesitate to reach out!