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Is It Better To Rent or Buy a Portable Generator?

Is It Better To Rent or Buy a Portable Generator?

When it comes to buying or renting a portable generator, you’re sometimes left wondering if one way is better than the other. There isn’t always a straight answer because everyone has a perspective to consider.

When you read each section today, let each point simmer in your mind until you form your own conclusion. Your thoughts may not mirror ours, and that’s okay. Hear us out so you can learn the benefits of both sides of the argument before picking one.

From our POV, is it better to rent or buy a portable generator? Here is what we think.

The Benefits of Buying a Portable Generator

So, what are the benefits of purchasing a portable generator? One of the perks is that you have one constantly available to you. It can power your home during blackouts and keep other essentials like appliances running. You also get to shop for features you want, so you’re not stuck with a model that’s simply not fit for your lifestyle. Also, why worry about costs you’ll be responsible for if the unit gets damaged on your watch? Yeah, we don’t want that to happen to you either.

The Cons of Buying a Portable Generator

But what’s the downside of buying a portable generator? Well, installing your own unit on a different property could cost you. Additionally, if your portable generator runs out of gas, you must supply the fuel yourself.

The Benefits of Renting a Portable Generator

But the other side of the argument says renting could be a better option. Renting lets you try before you buy—that’s a given. You can try out a model with your preferred features before you buy it, and you can judge the best models based on competitor prices. The other positive is that they’re great for short-term use. So, if you ever need temporary backup power while camping outdoors, you can rent a portable generator.

The Cons of Renting a Portable Generator

While renting sounds incredible, it could also hold you back. Renting a portable generator makes you accountable for any damages it accrues. Also, if you lose it or it gets stolen, the rental company may fine you. They might even limit how long you can rent a unit as well.

Is Renting a Portable Generator Better Than Buying?

So, to tell if renting or buying a portable generator is better, in our opinion, buying is the better option. While renting does have the ‘rent before you buy’ perk, it is only temporary until you decide you want to buy one.

We could always tell you about our solar generators for sale, but that’s selling you on the idea rather than informing you of why it’s beneficial to buy instead of rent. Our Generators has a team of caring customer service reps ready to guide and advise you on finding a generator that works for you, whether for long or short-term use.