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How to Protect Your Generator Using Firman Generator Cover

Firman generator cover is all you need to protect your device. They are waterproof and durable. So many users expose their generators to harsh sunlight and downpour. Some are skeptical about the durability of the covers available in the market. Some others are not sure of how to use it.

You may have asked - “How best can I use a generator cover?" Be calm, because the answers to your questions are here. Here, you’ll understand how best to utilize this cover and also protect it from damage. Please continue reading to widen your knowledge in this regard.

What Are Generator Covers?

These are objects for shielding generators against hazardous elements in the environment. They come in varying sizes, prices, and designs, and are great for outdoor purposes. This means they are great for camping or RVing. Some can work while your device is running, while others are for storage.

How Do I Use Firman Generator Cover?

The cover for the Firman generator is available in different sizes. This implies that there’s one for every generator. The purpose of getting one is to protect your device from dirt, sunlight, and rain. After choosing one, you must use it the right way. Now, let’s consider how best to utilize them.

Cover Every Angle

You intend to protect your generator. How do you achieve this without covering every angle of your device? This cover offers just that but you must set it properly.

Some users cover their generators the wrong way. They leave out some parts. However, this form of protection can shield your generator down to its wheels. This is why it comes in different sizes- small, medium, and large.

To use it effectively, you must cover all its edges. It is box-like, so it is possible. If you fail to do so, rain may penetrate it easily. This may also lead to malfunctioning. Exposing your device to harsh weather can cause it to rust.

Install the Cover Properly

The installation also plays a very important role in protecting your generator. If you install wrongly, you may not get the desired value. There are some you can mount yourself. However, some others require the help of a professional. In this case, don’t try doing it yourself; this is to get the best results.

Read Your Manual

To maximally use your generator cover, take some time to read the manual. Many users usually ignore this. The purpose of the manual is to provide directives on how to effectively use it. It is a guide from the manufacturer. If you ignore it, fixing it may prove difficult.

Use the Pull Cord

To protect your generator fully, make sure you use the pull cord. It is very powerful as it secures your cover against the wind. It keeps it firm even when there is a storm or whirlwind.

Do Not Use the Cover anytime your Generator Is On

Don’t use a cover while operating the generator. This makes the buildup of carbon monoxide possible. True, they are strong, but you should allow the free flow of air. Understand that some of these covers are for protection while storing your generator.

If you must use your cover while your device is on, use the right type. Make sure it shields every angle of the generator. Also, do not use it when the generator is still hot. It could overheat.

Build a Canopy

While your device is running, you may not be able to use the cover depending on the type. Getting a canopy will be great. During rain, it will not allow water to get into your device.

Maintain Your Cover

This is one of the safest ways to use your cover. It is meant for added protection, so you have to keep it clean. This is one good practice to ensure it lasts long. If you store your generator for long, gently take off the cover anytime you wish to utilize it. This will prevent damage from coming to it. Also, don’t wait until you want to run the generator before cleaning it.

Ensure You Keep the Generator Safely

What is the point of placing a cover on your generator in an unsafe place? Many assume it should protect their generators even in a risky location. No doubt, it protects your device. However, it should complement the location. Don’t keep it open in a place where someone can tamper with it. This open space should have enough ventilation too for easy airflow.

Understand the Type of Cover You Have

These covers are of different kinds. Each model has one for it. Some are just for covering your generator against dirt while in storage. Others are to protect your device while running. They shield the electrical outlets. So, know the type you have and when you can use it.

Use Your Cover Timely

Many people don’t know this. If you don’t use your cover when necessary, it can affect the generator. Some people remove it unnecessarily thereby exposing it to harsh weather conditions. They then rush to get it when it starts raining. If damage eventually comes to any part of their device, they think it is the cover. It is for protecting your device; so, use it at the right time.

Understand the Season

This is one good way to effectively use the cover. It is weather-resistant and will offer some protection during any season. However, make sure you cover your generator when there is a natural disaster. They could damage your device.

Take Precautions

As long as users can take the right safety precautions, using the cover will be very helpful. The moment you use your cover, note that running the generator may be bad. Make sure you follow all the safety measures required to get the best out of it.

Get the Right Cover

Getting the right type is very important. Choose one that works for your device. Don’t make your choice based on beauty or color. Focus on the size and how best it will benefit your equipment. There are generator covers while running while there are others for storage. So, determine what you intend to use it for before making your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Ways can I Protect my Portable Generator?

There are other ways you can protect your portable generator. Let us consider them.

  • Gen Tent Canopy

This is another way of protecting your generator against rain and UV rays. It serves as waterproof for all delicate parts of the generator. After installation, it allows for the circulation of air. One benefit of using this is you are able to run your generator with it. Even when it is raining, you stay calm.

Aside from this, it supports natural cooling and can absorb wind. They are also durable and you can also transport your device even with this canopy. Also, you can access the generator tank to refuel. This can serve as your best protection against wet weather. Just like covers, they are also very easy to maintain.

  • Steel Enclosures

Another way to protect your portable generator is using a steel enclosure. The installation doesn’t come easy; at times you may need a cement pad for this.

Steel enclosures are not portable. They are usually very rigid because of the cement pad. It is of high quality and could be pricey. However, you may choose plastic enclosures to save you some money. These are quite cheaper and much easier to install.

You can also build an enclosure yourself. This will save you a lot of money. Even when doing this, you should consult an expert before you start.

What happens if rain gets in my generator?

If rain finds its way into your generator, it means you didn’t cover it properly. If this happens, it will create enough electric power that can cause electrocution. This is why you should keep your device dry at all times. If rain gets in, wait till it gets dry. Also, avoid using generators in wet conditions.


Firman generator covers are great if you need lasting protection for your device. Before choosing one, understand why you need to use it. This is because there are covers that can be used during operation, while some are for storage. Also, consider the size of your device and ensure the type you select meets your needs. Make sure it allows airflow. By adhering to all these, you will make the right choice and also get the best from it. Get started today!