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Solar-Powered Generators vs. Gas-Powered Generators

Solar-Powered Generators vs. Gas-Powered Generators

Solar power is an outstanding power source, but gas is an affordable option for most. So where do you start in siding with one generator over another? You begin looking for the differences between both. Things like environmental impact and power strength are big areas to key in on, but there are others. Let’s finish this debate on solar-powered generators vs. gas-powered generators.

The Environmental Impact

Before looking at the costs or potential tax incentives for either power source, focus on eco-friendly changes. Solar power is the best for its environmental impact because it absorbs energy from the sun and has a backup power supply for emergencies.

Then again, gas power is another option you might enjoy. But it doesn’t have any positive environmental change. So for those looking to enhance their surroundings, going with green energy is the right choice.

The Costs

Affordability is a significant help in picking between a solar-powered and a gas-powered generator. The most affordable of the two is gas-powered. Gas is easy to come by, and the generators are easy to set up. However, rising costs might be an issue, so the victory goes to solar power.

While solar-powered generators are higher in price, they’re the most cost-effective because you don’t need to rely on transporting gas back and forth to refuel. Consider solar power if the cost of gas is an issue.

What About Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance costs are another problem. Which energy source doesn’t cost the most to fix? Again, solar power is the better option. You can be thankful for saving money on maintenance due to the generator not having moving parts and taking fuel.

Is There a Tax Incentive?

Tax incentives are possible with a generator, but the type of motor you use does vary. Unfortunately, gas-powered motors aren’t eligible for tax incentives since they don’t help the environment, and there are no startup costs. Solar power is an eligible energy source for these, though— tax initiatives can cover startup costs.

The Power Strength

Are you concerned about power strength? Being able to power a home, business, or any other place is essential to keep appliances running and the HVAC unit running through the night. One thing to note when comparing solar and gas-powered generators is that gas motors produce more power, making them an obvious contender.

But all positives aside, gas is a fossil fuel, and fossil fuels are sometimes challenging to find and afford because of the low supply. You can dismiss solar power, but to get the most power full-time, you should use solar power units for 24/7 power delivery.

If you’re ready to save a bit more on power output and make fewer trips to the gas station, try out Our Generators’ portable solar power station. You can do better for the environment and your wallet by using solar power. So let’s talk about that! Contact us for more information on our portable generators.