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Tri-Fuel or Dual-Fuel Generators: What’s Right for You?

Tri-Fuel or Dual-Fuel Generators: What’s Right for You?

You would probably know the generator type you need based on the fuel it takes and how reliable the machine is for you. If you have wondered what’s the right type of generator for you between the tri-fuel or dual-fuel, this guide is for you. Take a look at the pros and cons and the difference between both machines.

What Are the Differences Between Tri-Fuel and Dual-Fuel Generators?

The differences aren’t exceptional. In fact, they’re pretty standard. The main difference between these generators is fuel intake. Dual takes two fuel types, while tri takes up to three varieties. This is really the only difference between tri and dual-fuel generators to help you decide.

The Pros and Cons of Tri-Fuel Generators

Here is the low-down on tri-fuel generators. These models work well in every situation thanks to their incredible flexibility with fuel. Luckily, the fuel types it takes are readily available at gas stations, and there’s no need to bring extra extension cords to plug in your generator.

One downside is the price. While these models come in handy for fuel intake, they cost about a thousand or more dollars than dual-fuel generators. Focus your energy on affordability—if the unit costs too much right now, consider another model, like a single or dual-fuel generator. Another con is maintenance, as you must keep an eye on all three compartments to measure how well your device performs using each fuel type.

The Pros and Cons of Dual-Fuel Generators

Dual-fuel generators are great because they run on two types of power. They are environmentally friendly, which is an essential factor for many consumers. The dual-fuel doesn’t create any greenhouse gas, leaving every area as clean as it was before you got there.

You need to be aware of the downsides before buying this generator, one of them being fuel storage. There is a limit to how much gas you can store inside your home. According to fire codes, the maximum is 95 liters. Dual-fuel generators also have significant maintenance requirements. You need to ensure everything performs well when using two gas types.

Which Generator Should You Buy?

You should buy the generator you feel confident about. It’s in your best interest to read over every product description and learn the differences between tri-fuel and dual-generators before buying. You become a smarter shopper when you understand the variations.

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