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What To Do With an Extra Noisy Generator

What To Do With an Extra Noisy Generator

A generator is a great thing to buy, but it’s noisy. How do you cut down on the noise a generator creates? There are many different ways, but we have collected the best methods for what to do with an extra noisy generator. Take a break from planning your camping trip or buying for your business, and learn how to silence your generator.

Keep Your Generator Far From Others

Depending on how densely-populated an area is, you may be spreading more noise pollution than you think. Generators produce a lot of noise and can cause a lot of disruptions for nearby neighbors and wildlife.

Instead of letting the generator make noise all night and day, consider placing it farther away from your home and any nearby neighbors. When you’ve isolated the generator, you create more peace with others and gain more sleep.

Use Deflectors To Soften Generator Noise

Sometimes, a bend in generator sounds can dampen the noise. If you place a non-flammable item against the generator, the volume decreases. You could buy a shelter for the generator for this exact purpose.

If you don’t have access to a generator box, try sheets of fire-rated plywood for something simple to prop against the generator until you get a generator cover or shelter. Line up four pieces of the fire-rated plywood against the generator, but give it enough room so the pieces don’t block the exhaust and catch fire.

Change the Exhaust Pipe’s Direction

Consider changing the direction of the generator’s exhaust pipe. When setting up a generator, you may notice the exhaust pipes are vertical in a straight line. If these pipes face you or your campsite, you may wake up to the sound of fire engines blaring in the distance.

Whether you’re at home or a campsite, take special care to set up the generator. Instead of facing the exhaust towards you, turn the generator until the exhaust is no longer facing you or anyone else. Otherwise, you can stick the spout up so the gases release upward instead of outward.

Get a Better Generator

The abrupt noises in your generator are measured in decibels—these levels measure how much noise your generator makes when powering various devices, like kitchen appliances.

A better generator produces no more than 75 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a small auditorium or a vacuum cleaner. The best generators that don’t exceed 75 decibels are inverter generators. The inverter is great for every type of trip, work, and home environment.

Even after learning the best ways to quiet down a loud generator, it’s essential to talk to us about purchasing an inverter generator. Every generator model we offer at Our Generators has its own dBA number, signifying the perfect volume for the environment. Contact us to talk more about your generator purchase.